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8 Mar

Just realized this is an unintentional, menswear look. Sporting some men’s Golden State Warriors warmup pants. I love the relaxed, comfy fit and the yellow/gold really pops with the black. The oversized white button down shirt is a hand-me-down from Javar. And although the hat and shoes are women’s, they are menswear-inspired. If you’ve never styled your man’s or your son’s shirt (or pants) into a look, give it a try! God Bless!

Shirt: American Eagle (Men’s)

Pants: Gabe’s



The Wild Wild West

8 Dec


Found this chic cowboy hat while browsing the mens’ department. It’s a brand that I am quite familiar with because I already own several other types by them. I love this brand because the hats are very well made but are affordable. If I haven’t mentioned it before, I love a men’s hat because they come in sizes large enough to accommodate my hair when it’s in its natural state. Otherwise, I can’t wear them unless I tame my mane and straighten it a little bit. Anywho, wanted to keep everything else simple since the hat is the statement piece. So when you want to go for simple and understated, all black is the answer. Besides my floral, furry footwear choice, which is a statement in and of its self! Thanks for stopping by! God Bless!

Hat: Scala

Jeans: BDG


Crops and Loafers

23 Oct

Sporting my new favs again! Wow, I think this may be the 1st time I’ve ever worn the same shoes in 2 back-to-back posts! I didn’t feel like wearing heels or styling this jumpsuit dressy so I opted for a flat shoe. The flat shoe makes the look more casual and relaxed plus it saves my that were a bit sore after wearing those YSL boots in this post (it was a long night on my feet, ugh!). I think my feet just need to get used to heels again after wearing flats all Summer. We will just have to see about that! Well, thanks for stopping by! God Bless!

Jumpsuit: Express

Loafers: Online

Proud to Be American

22 Oct

There’s nothing more American then denim! Kept the look real casual by styling this ankle length jean skirt with a muscle tee. The shoes are my new favorites! They can be styled with any and everything and they are super comfy and just any overall easy shoe that I love to slide on and off without a second thought. Do you have a go-to shoe? God Bless!

Tee: Random

Skirt: Sky & Belle (JCP)

Loafers: Online

Modern Genie

4 May

IMG_2468 IMG_2463 IMG_2455 IMG_2466 IMG_2456

Sunday: Palazzos and camo is today’s theme. The pants I found while out on a shopping trip with my mom. Kohl’s is her favorite spot. It’s usually not on my usual shopping route but you know me, I can find something at any store, lol. So while browsing the clearance racks, I came across these sheer palazzo pants. I remember having a similar pair about 20 years ago (o.k. I’m showing my age, ha ha!) but those were slightly different because they weren’t lined like these and me being a young fashionista wasn’t aware that as I danced under the lights at a party, you could see straight thru them, eek! Now being more seasoned in fashion, I know to look for things like that! Anywho, didn’t want them to go too dressy so my good ole’ camo teeĀ  downplayed them some. I also like that depending on the angle and positioning, they actually look like a maxi skirt. Oh yeah, my lil gold loafer heels have been in hibernation for the last 3-4 yrs. I forgot about them until now and I know why. Because of my freakishly narrow heels, the flip a little when I walk. Thank God I didn’t have to walk too far or too long and I was able to keep my feet in them. Those shoes are notĀ  made for walking, lol! Ok, I’m out for now. Thanks for stopping by! Have a great week! God Bless!

Tee: Arizona (JCP)

Pants: JLo by Jennifer Lopez (Kohl’s)

Shoes: Steve Madden (very old)

Sunnies: Tory Burch

A Touch of Masculinity

29 Sep

IMG_9595 IMG_9611 IMG_9602 IMG_9620 IMG_9626 IMG_9600 IMG_9633 IMG_9616 IMG_9624 IMG_9627

Sunday: Another pair of drop crotch/MC Hammer pants (shorts). I told you I love these things! Only thing with these ones, is the material wrinkles alot especially due to all the extra material that gathers under you as you sit. Anyway, I decided to keep the whole look more masculine by wearing these flat loafers. Yes, I am in flats. Mostly because of my post-surgerical toe situation, but also because there are so many cute and chic flats out right now that I have amassed quite a collection! The only thing is that sometimes I find them hard to style because I think every outfit looks better with heels and heels just make me feel more put together. But I am trying to embrace this flats thing more and more. Also, let it be known, that flats are not always comfortable to me. Just because they are flat people tend to think that they are more comfortable compared to flats. Not! I have a harder time wearing flats than heels most of the time. For me, it’s because the way that flats are sometimes cut, they just don’t fit comfortable around my feet. Does anyone else have this problem or is it just me and my weird feet? Hope you had a great weekend! God Bless!

P.S.: I don’t know what I was doing in the 5th pic but I thought it was funny/different pic to post.

Silk Blouse: Prada (old)

Shorts: Zara

Shoes: Studio Paolo (JCP)