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Full of It

23 Jul


Skirt: Gracia

15 Sep


Who doesn’t love a maxi anything! Well, I guess if you’re a bit height challenged wearing a maxi dress/skirt could be a challenge but it could be done (with the help of a good tailor). This skirt I actually picked up from a pop up boutique at an event we went to early Spring. The actual boutique is in Jersey and I still have yet to make a trip there but it will happen. She had pieces that were so spot on my style that after watching me shop, the owner actually picked out pieces that she knew I would like. I was drawn to the colors and the busy print on this skirt. I love the mix of the floral with the stripes! Are you into maxi dresses/skirts? How do you style them? God Bless!

Tank: JCP (old)

Skirt: Gracia

Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell


19 May

This is what I wore to a Mother’s Day Luncheon. They asked everyone to wear a hat and they would have a Best Hat contest. Instead of going for a fancy hat and having to style my hair to accommodate it, I thought a fascinator was the way to go. As far as the outfit goes, I’ve had my eye on these style of pants with the skirt attached, ever since I seen them worn on the red carpet. I hadn’t seen them in the stores I frequent but came across them a few months ago when the saleswoman bought them to me after seeing “my style” through the other pieces I had picked out. I had no idea when and where I was going to wear them but knew they belonged in my closet. So when this event came up, I knew I was going to wear them (but only after it was cold and rainy and I didn’t want to wear the maxi skirt that I was prepared to wear).¬† Later for now! God Bless!

Top: Rainbow Stores

Pants: A Boutique in NJ

Shoes: Steve Madden (very old)

Black Lily

19 Jul

IMG_8358 IMG_8364 IMG_8384 IMG_8374 IMG_8387 IMG_8365 IMG_8345

Sunday: I finally decided to wear one of the several maxi skirts that I purchased at the beginning of Spring. I love that this one is super long and that I need to wear very high platforms in order for it to not drag the ground. That could be a good thing and a bad thing. The bad thing about it is that I will never be able to wear this skirt with flats. Anyway, I love a lily so the black lily print just gives the skirt a more mysterious feel. Just styled it with a simple black tank to let the skirt be the main attraction and not have to compete with a fussy top. Oh yeah, I almost forgot to talk about the body chain/choker combo. I purchased a few different body chains over the last couple years or so but just haven’t felt inspired to wear them until today. I like this one, a more edgy, choker neck chain/body chain combo. I like that it’s an unexpected touch to such a whimsical look. What’s a trendy accessory that you’ve tried recently? Thanks for stopping by! God Bless!

Tank: H&M (old)

Maxi Skirt: BCF

Platforms: ? (Piperlime.com)

Body Chain: Mandee’s (I think)

Head Gear

16 Nov

IMG_4900 IMG_4904 IMG_4903 IMG_4911 IMG_4897 IMG_4910 IMG_4913

Sunday: So I decided to dress for the Fall today (too hot in church though). Just like the midi skirt, I love a maxi skirt or dress too. Wanted to make the look casual and laid back so I paired it with this oversize knit and tall boots. Yes, the boots come to my knee but since the skirt is so long you wouldn’t know that. They’re quit old. I actually don’t remember when I bought them, exactly, but I think it was around the time that ??? (I can’t remember the name of the shoe store either), but they had some great shoes for rock bottom prices, was going out of business. Ok, it just came to me-Footprints. Are you familiar with it? There was one in Wilmington (Kirkwood Hwy) and one in Turnersville, NJ that I frequented pretty often with my mom. I did notice that they didn’t have any signs of wear on the bottom so I guess I never wore them. The chain headpiece, I picked up a couple of years ago but it is impossible to wear with natural hair. I did try it on once but it got all caught up in my hair so I decided that I would try it with straight hair. And since I only straighten my hair once a year, hence the reason why I’m just now wearing it. Ok, you probably didn’t care to hear all that, but just saying. Anywho, hope all is well in your life and you’re having some fun with your Fall fashions. God Bless!

Headpiece: BCF (old)

Sweater: Mens’ Thrifted

Skirt: Boscov’s

Boots: Nine West

Not of This World

3 Sep

IMG_9032 IMG_9065 IMG_9038 IMG_9049 IMG_9058 IMG_9067

Sunday: I wanted to get another wear out of this skirt that I wore once last year. I love the length of this maxi! It’s just the right length for me to wear a shoe with a little height without having to go sky high. So my black flatforms, like the brown ones that I wore in the previous post, were perfect. This skirt could either go dressy or casual. I chose to mix it up and go casual by pairing it with a message tee (“Team Jesus”). I love what this brand of t-shirt (and other items) stands for. Not of this World, All about Jesus (An identity set apart to Save and Empower Lives). As Labor Day has now passed, will you still wear white? I probably will. Fashion Rule Breaker! Thanks for reading! God Bless!

Tee: NOTW (Family Christian Store); www.notw.com

Maxi Skirt: BCBG (Marshall’s)

Flatform Sandals: Monet (JCP)