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Sometimes It’s Just Black n White

22 Apr


I wore this exact same dress but in a different color a few months ago. But then, I styled it in a more dressy/casual way then here. This styling is more sporty with these rose gold sneakers and the bandana. I like how the rose color pops with the neutrals. I know my style might not be for everybody but I believe some things can be used to inspire you to try different things/pieces and explore your own personal style. That’s how other people’s style inspire me. If I inspire just one of you, my purpose for this blog has been fulfilled! Thanks for supporting me! God Bless!

Dress: Adam Levine (Kmart)






Midi State of Mind

9 Jan


I know you’re not used to seeing me in form-fitting clothing but this dressĀ  is so comfy I just couldn’t resist! And the length is what really attracted me to it. I wore it to our Christmas festivities for the job. We had a full and active day planned so I wanted to not only be stylish and put together but comfy. Oh yeah, how was your holidays? I guess I can officially wish you guys a Happy New Year since this is my first post of the year! Hope you all had a great time with your families and got some good gifts (and gave some good gifts). God Bless!

Dress: Adam Levine for K-Mart

Booties: F21 (old)

In the Navy

14 Dec


This dress is one of the pieces I picked up while shopping in Las Vegas. It’s fabric that can be worn in colder weather with a pair of tights or on a warmer day with bare legs. And since it was one of those unusually warm days in December here on the East Coast, I decided to wear my toes out. Why not? Let’s take advantage of these warm Spring-like days until they are gone. Just think, this time last year we already had snow, ugh! And since everyone knows I loathed snow, I am not complaining one bit about it being so warm. I know it’s Christmas time and people here on the East Coast believe that Christmas equates to cold and snow, I don’t. I could just as well spend Christmas in the Caribbean and be content. If my family were there.Well, hope your enjoying getting prepared for the up coming holidays. Until the next time, God Bless!

Hat: JCP

Dress: H&M

Booties: Apple Bottoms