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18 Aug

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Sunday: So I’m in flats once again. One of my fellow heel-loving sisters at church asked me “what was I doing down there”. To which I rebutted that I regretfully have to wear flats for a while due to my surgery I had a week ago. Yeah, I’m still a little sore and although I did try on some heels to see how they felt, they are just not going to work for me right now! And I don’t have any idea when I will feel comfortable enough to get back into them. So it will be flats for now. Even closed toe flats aren’t very comfortable. Thank God that I had it done during the Summer when I am able to wear open toe shoes cause that would not have been a good look in the Winter. So it is definitely a challenge getting dressed knowing that I have to wear flats. The majority of the outfits that I put together go better with heels. But now I have to be more creative to include flats and still feel polished and put-together while doing it. No matter what I wear, wearing flat shoes with it just always makes me feel more dressed down. I’m uninspired when I have to wear flats. I guess it’s just because I don’t have many options. Not that I don’t have enough flats to choose from but just that even though I own several different styles of flat sandals, they are all the same (or shall I say they all give the same look to an outfit). Just saying! Anyways, this skirt is another cast off from the Duro Olowu x JC Penny collection. I love the length and the bright colors. I dressed it down with the t-shirt. I like how the colors in the tee pick up the colors from the skirt. When I did my hair like this today, I realized that I was rocking the look of Ola Ray from the Michael Jackson “Thriller” video. I know y’all remember her. I loved the style of her Jheri curl. Yeah, I had a Jheri curl! And what? I was always one to follow the trends and the curl was one of them! Check out this video tribute to Michael that Ola did. She looks great at 52 yrs old but I don’t know how her mental is!! What do you think? God Bless!



Blazer: MNG (JCP)

Graphic Tee: BCF (men’s department)

Skirt: Duro Olowu x JCP

Sandals: Pour La Victoire (DSW)