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Back to Basics

3 Jan


Monday Night (NYE): I initially had plans on getting all dressed up for NYE. No, not to go to a party, but to go to church. Well, I guess you can call it a party because that’s how we do @ WOFCC! And why not get dressed up for church? It’s still NYE no matter where you go or what you do. But as you can see, my plan changed. But since I never really actual “plan” outfits. I usually wear what I feel like wearing @ that time. I might have a particular outfit in mind but then when the time comes to get dressed, it just all depends on how I’m feeling. And this night, after lounging most of the day, I just did not feel like getting dressed up! So this is the comfy, laid back option that won out. Nothing to really explain just basic, wardrobe essentials that everyone should have in their closets. A turtleneck, jeans, a blazer and a pair of riding boots and very minimal jewelry. O, and the fanny pack/pouch belt is mostly for convenience of not wanting to carry any other type of bag. Plus, it acts as belt to keep my pants on my waist. And of course I thought it just looked good with the overall ensemble. So how was your NYE? Did you get dressed up? Well, since I’m late on these next couple of posts (just the laziness of having of from work); Happy New Year and thanks for reading my blog in 2012! God Bless!

Blazer: American Living (JCP)-very old

Turtleneck:??? very old

Jeans: JC Penny

Boots: Prada (Designer Consigner)

Fanny Pack: UO