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Tweedy Not Tweety

21 Oct


Sorry! I know I’ve been missing in action from the blog. Been so busy on the weekends with football and not really having the time or the motivation to take outfit pics. But I’m back now! Anyway, I styled this tweed Chanel-esque skirt with the basic Men’s white button down dress shirt. This one is extremely oversized since it is from the Big & Tall Section. I initially planned to wear it peeking out from beneath the skirt (it’s really long) but opted to style it more effortless and slightly disheveled with the thoughtlessly pushed up sleeves. Until the next time, God Bless!

Shirt: JCP (Men’s Department)

Skirt: H&M

Boots: YSL (very old)




30 Jul

I love a shoe with ties that wrap up your legs but sometimes they can be a pain when they won’t stay tied, as you can see! Anyway, loving how the subtle tan/brown hues play against the light washed denim. The choker is one of the newest styles of accessories that are out right now. It’s not only a choker, but it incorporates these black laces that I tied into a bow. Some of the others that I’ve seen and actually purchased, wraps around the neck and just hangs loose on each side. I’ll bring it to your attention when I wear it. Until the next time, God Bless!

Top: Urban Outfitters

Skirt: Mandee’s

Sandals: Mandee’s

Choker: F21

Hey Mickey

12 Jun


I’ve been called Cookie Monster, Barney, and Violet (from Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory-btw,one of my favs). All by Javar. He always has some smart and funny comment about my colors, lol. He doesn’t ever talk about my personal style but he will clown me on my colors. I guess he’s used to seeing my dress the way I do which can sometimes be “not the norm”. Anyway, I don’t quite know what to call this color myself. It reads a bit different in photos but also in person, depending on the lightening. I guess some might call it cobalt blue or perhaps a shade of purple. I’m not sure but I like it. It’s very vibrant and makes me happy. Isn’t that what colors should do, brighten our mood? What do you think of bright/vibrant colors for your wardrobe? Are you bold enough to wear bold colors? Or are neutrals more your comfort zone? Later for now. God Bless!

Jacket and Pants: Worthington (JCP)-old

Mickey Mouse Tee: Boscov’s

Shoes: Coach

Mount Up on Wings

27 May


Another off-the-shoulder top that I styled a bit sporty/tomboy. These paint splashed khakis I’ve had for several years are laid-back casual but a touch more interesting than a regular pair due to the splashes of paint effect. I styled these sneakers with the look because I just didn’t feel like wearing a shoes and plus I wanted to have a more laid-back, casual vibe. I think I may be wearing sneakers more than any other footwear this Summer. We shall see! Until we meet again, God Bless!

Top: SheIn.com (formerly SheInside)

Pants: GAP (super old)

Sneakers: Fila

Mint Condition

21 Apr

Another skirt and sneaker ensemble.  WARNING: you will be seeing alot more of this combo as the weather gets warmer. Now that we have that out of way, this bright minty color helps me usher in Spring even though the weather hasn’t been cooperating that much. I love the color combos in the skirt, how the dark navy makes the mint green pop even more. The sneakers are classic running sneakers that I picked up about a year ago and just happened to go with the color of the skirt. What do you think? Are you feeling the skirt and sneakers thing? God Bless!

Sweater: Forman Mills

Skirt: New York and Co.

Sneakers: Brooks

Optical Illusion

14 Feb


Bold stripes was on the menu for the day! I love the semi-loose, relaxed fit of this dress. And the stripes, both normal and wavy, give it a circus vibe (which I love!). Dug out these old booties that I’ve had for quite some time. They were one of those investment items that are basic enough to never go out of style. Until the next time, stay warm East Coasters and God Bless!

Dress: Dries von Noten

Booties: Yves Saint Laurent (when they still used “Yves”)

Fur Real

10 Jan


Nothing goes together better than stripes and animal print. I consider them both neutrals and the contrast of the to is spot on (no pun intended) to me. I had to through on the turbo for an unexpected pop of the silver lame. It’s so 70’s disco. Just a bit of fun with accessories! Thanks for coming back for another year of the blog! God Bless!

Turtleneck: F21 (very old)

Leggings: Bisou Bisou (I think) (JCP)

Vest: Boscov’s

Booties: Diba (very old)