No Meat!

20 May

Sunday: I heard about this “Veg Fest” that was going to be held at a local park so we decided to check it out. I’m not a vegetarian, but sometimes come close. I consider myself a flexitarian, that’s when you sometimes eat meat, chicken, seafood, fish or some form of animal products such as eggs and dairy, but eat mostly a vegetarian diet. That’s me! Not big on meat, but will eat fish, seafood and dairy ( a little turkey occasionally). Just a small little gathering of people, live music and food. The food was excellent! And free (donations accepted)! Very flavorful and a good variety with all different tastes. I wouldn’t mind trying some of the foods on my family. I actually bought a book, “Vegetarian for Dummies” (from the For Dummies Series), but haven’t put anything into practice yet. We do sometimes do “Meatless Mondays”, which aren’t a favorite in my house of carnivores. But I think that if I “disguise” some foods or use the meat-like vegetarian products, they might not notice too much! I don’t care about having meat so I don’t want anything that’s pretending to be meat, but it should work for them. What do you think of going meatless? Could you do it?

Top: The Limited (very old)

Skirt: I Heart Ronson (JCP-old)

Sneakers: Converse Chucks

Crossbody Bag: Polo Jeans Co. (very old)


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