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“CHRIST”mas Day

27 Dec

Sunday Night: Last minute pics before turning in for the night (I just do not like indoor pictures!  The lighting does nothing for the outfit; the daylight got away from us too fast so it is what it is). It’s been a long day! Starting off “Christ”mas day by attending church. And why not, just because Christmas fell on a Sunday this year doesn’t mean that you should have skipped church. Jesus is the reason for the season! It sounds cliche but it is true. If there was no birth of Jesus Christ, there would be no “Christ”mas. Whether or not you believe that the day was the actual day that Christ was born on, doesn’t matter. It is the day that we use to remember His birth. So aside from all the hype and commercialism that has overtaken the real meaning of “Christ”mas, remember that it is all about Christ’s birth and what that means to us as Christians. Not to say that you can’t exchange gifts, just don’t let that act of receiving get the best of you by allowing you to only focus on what someone has or has not giving you. It is not all bout receiving. It’s more about the giving and how it makes the giver feel to give and the way the giver feels when the receiver is appreciative and thankful for what they have received. Especially when the receiver is someone that is less fortunate and grateful for whatever they receive! Speaking of generous givers, I don’t know if any of you have been hearing of the “Secret Santas” who have been going around to K-Mart stores throughout the country and paying off toy/clothing layaways. These generous people have be anonymously paying off layaways, unbenounced to the layaway holder. I’ve seen it on the news where people go to payoff and pickup their layaways and then are told by the sales person that it has already been paid off. Personally, I’ve heard of this happening. My mom was actual out with her friend who was picking up a $150 balance layaway that she had put on for her nieces and nephews. Mom was in another part of the store when this friend came up to her almost in tears and barely able to speak, telling my mom that her layaway had been paid down, basically off completely, she only had to pay $1. She was ecstatic and that same excitement was also felt by my mom who was sooo happy for her! It just goes to show us that there are still good people out there. I know, some might say that they are probably wealthy people who have more than enough money. That may be true, but they still didn’t have to do it! They could have been just like any other well-off individual and keep all of their money to themselves, but they chose to bless someone else! So good for them and God bless them! So how was your “Christ”mas? Hope you enjoyed!

My Outfit:

Blazer: Thrifted

Sweater: Thrifted

Navy Corduroy Shorts: Old Navy (last year)

Belt: GAP

Boots: Tod’s (TJ Maxx-last year)

Javar’s Outfit:

Sweater: American Living (JCP)

Plaid Shirt: Hollister

Khaki Pants: Arizona (JCP)

Brown Leather/Tweed Boots: Polo (Marshalls)

Curves Ahead

27 Dec


Sunday: Since Christmas is on a Sunday this year, it’s still a church day for my family. I found this dress on the clearance rack and it was the print peeking out from amongst the tons of other dresses that caught my eye. I love the color combination of the blue with the tan and the traces of black. But when I pulled it out from all the other dresses, I realized that it was that clingy fabric that I usually stray away from. Remember, I don’t really like wearing things that are too fitted over my hips that’s why I always shy away from the body-con dresses/skirts that are so popular right now. But as I told you before, you must try things on! So I gave it a shot. As you see I felt very comfortable, not just physically but mentally, in it (I know, that’s one of my body image issues-my wide hips; we all have them! you just have to know how to get over it and dress accordingly!). I think it turned out well, especially with the jacket over top. Speaking of jacket, I love this jacket more now than I did before. Seeing it in the pics really shows the true art of the design. I love the sillouette of how curvy it makes me look! I actually bought this jacket during my 1st CCCS event 4 yrs ago. I told you of how crazy the women can be there. Well, I found this jacket and was trying it on with all of my other pieces that I had found and this lady (who by the way was all up in my business!) was eyeballing me and tried to convince me that the jacket didn’t fit me! Obviously she only said that to try to get me to put it back on the rack so she can snatch it up. Wrong! Didn’t work cause even if I couldn’t button it up I would’ve still got it and worn it open. I can’t blame her for trying though, it was such a great “steal”. It’s Thierry Mugler (possibly vintage, I’m not sure) and it was under 100 bucks! So to the lady out there who thought she could get one over on me (she didn’t know who she was messing with, I know a great designer find; she probably thought I was an average shopper who didn’t know, I am A SHOPPER and know a little something about different designers), IN YOUR FACE! THE JACKET IS AWESOME! and it looks great on me! (Not to toot my own horn, but beep beep!). See I told you a great outfit/piece can make you feel good!;) O yeah, I love my new Tory Burch earrings! A basic gold stud featuring her well-known T logo that goes with everything! They send me a gift card every year for Christmas and these are what I purchased with it this year. And since they were doing shipping guaranteed for Christmas, I ordered them one Tuesday and they were here by Wednesday (without paying extra for next day delivery; unexpected, but awesome! now that’s what I’m talking about!) Thanks Tory!! So did all of your packages arrive on time?

Jacket: Thierry Mugler

Dress: American Living (JCP)

Booties: Jessica Simpson (old,old)

Clutch: Vintage

Necklace: ? (JCP-last yr)

Earrings: Gold Logo Stud ( c/o Tory Burch)

Watch: M.Kors

Bracelet: ? (don’t remember/old)

Sunglasses: D&G; Nine West

Christmas Eve

27 Dec

Saturday: I wore this to run out to get coffee and drop off some stuff @ the recycle bin. Nothing special, just casual and relaxed. It’s Christmas Eve and my plans are to stay home with the fam and catch up on some assignments that I have been putting off for a long time. I’m usually not a procrastinator, but when it’s something that is so daunting to me, I just lack the motivation; but I am back on track and plan to have it all done before this year is out! (I know, there’s less than a week left in the year, but I’ll get it down!). That’s sounds so crazy to me. The end of 2011! The year has flown by sooo fast! I guess it’s true what they say, the older you get, the faster time goes by! I definitely see that now! Not to say that I’m getting OLD, but older, wiser and better (I must say!). I am one that is not afraid of getting older, I actually embrace my age because I feel that God has definitely blessed me in becoming the person I am today and to be in good physical/mental  health because their are others my age who can’t say the same thing. So don’t hide/run from your age, embrace it, be the best 20’s, 30’s, 40’s, 50’s+ person you can be! (Keeping up with your outside appearance always helps with the inside feeling, so make the outside-hair, makeup, clothing- look good, and it will help you to feel good about yourself overall!). Yeah, I know, the way someone is on the inside, their heart, caring , kind, etc. is always most important, but realistically, we humans are visual people 1st and that is what we see before we even speak a word, so make yourself approachable by your outside appearance then people can get close enough to get to know you and all those wonderful characteristics that you possess! Ok, I don’t know how I got off on that tangent but anyone that’s “my 2 cents” for the day.

Sweater: Abercromie (very old!)

Plaid Shirt: Hollister (last year)

Cords: Old Navy (very old!)

Boots: Ralph Lauren (Ross-last year)

Sunglasses: Fendi (very old!)

The French Connection

19 Dec

Sunday: So I got dressed today for the 1st time since Thursday. I told you before how I love staying in the house, in my pj’s, doing nothing @ all! Well, I do “something”, it’s just that it’s what I want to do, when I want to do it! So my activities consists of lounging, watching the Hallmark Channel Christmas movies, eating, sleeping and some computer time. If and when I don’t need to go out of the house, it’s definitely what I love to do. I am definitely a homebody and love every minute of it! Now don’t get me wrong, I still prefer to get dressed and express my sense of style, but after working all week it just feels good to hang out at home with my family and not have to fulfill any obligations to be anywhere specific. Which also means only a couple of outfit posts on the days that I did get dressed. So I’m sorry for the limited number (2) outfit posts, but this will probably be the norm for the winter (I like to hibernate like the bears! Me and the cold, especially the snow, don’t get along too well!). As for the outfit, I picked these cullottes up during a quick (I say quick cause I was on the “clock” because it was during a date day with my husband and I convinced him to let me run in the store “real quick”, to “see what they had”) “shopping trip” drive-by Loehmann’s. The color according to the tag is “french gray”, but depending on how your eye perceives it, it looks more like a grayish/lavenderish color. The material of them are a lightweight corduoroy, not too thin for cooler weather, but not to heavy so they could also be worn in the early spring. Since they are loose fitting, I wore a more fitted cowlneck sweater. The tall, suede boots add one more texture to the whole outfit, along with the pleather vest, but they also give the bottoms that 70s look that I love! So are they cullottes or are they gouchos? Does anyone know the difference between the two? I will explain in a later post. For now, I hope you had a great weekend!  O yeah, and in case your wondering who that handsome young gentleman is or if you already know, my photographer/son/baby, likes to come from behind the lens every once in a while, all while criticizing my photography skills!

Sweater: GAP (last yr)

Vest: Random (don’t remember)

Cullottes: French Connection

Belt: Tory Burch

Boots: Kors by Michael Kors (old, old)

Bracelets: Thrifted

Javar’s Outfit:

Plaid Shirt: RL Polo

Yellow Polo: Izod

Jeans: Arizona (JCP)

Sneakers: Nike ACG

Dancing With The “Stars”

17 Dec

Thursday: Tonight was our holiday gathering @ the job. A few months back, the office had won a contest sponsored by an orthodontists’ office that we refer to (GNO). The prize was for ballroom dancing lessons for our office. So, since it’s so hard to get everyone together on an off day, it was decided that we do the lessons before we go to our holiday dinner. We had a lot a fun! It is definitely VERY HARD! (I am not a dancer! I dance only for fun, not taking myself too serious!). Not that I ever thought it was easy, but I definitely have a greater respect for the nonprofessionals on “Dancing With The Stars” (and we only did a few steps in an hour). The gentleman instructor was great! When he approached us individually (meaning me and my partner), he laughed with us as he showed us proper technique. But when the female instructor came around, stone-faced I must add, she was very mean and was way too serious! Come to find out, she not only treated us this way, but everyone else too! What she failed to realize was that we were there for fun, we are not trying to become professionals in no way! I understand that she takes her profession serious, but this was not one of those types of lessons. It was not that serious! (check out her facial expression in the above picture where she is standing in front of “the class”; I think this partial smile is because she knew her picture was being taken; we got the sourpuss/mean mug face). Overall it was a good night anyway! As far as my outfit, this bustier-style jumpsuit was purchased about 1-2 yrs ago. I was going to put a fitted Tneck on underneath it, but decided to wear it this way due to the warm temp. outside and the possibility of getting too hot from dancing. Glad I did because I did get hot! Also, chose these animal print booties to play off the all black and give the look more edge, plus they are comfortable enough for dancing. Dinner was delicious! I had the Chilean Sea Bass, crab fried rice and mac/cheese (just finished my leftovers for lunch! Love it!). Did you attend any holiday parties yet? How were they? Enjoy your weekend!

Jumpsuit: Bisou Bisou (JCP-old)

Booties: Wild Rose (BCF)

Jacket: Ali & Kris (BCF)

Necklace: Worthington (JCP)

Cuff: ? (JCP)

Watch: M.Kors

*Photos taken by GNO employee-thanks


14 Dec

Sunday: These pants are one of my finds from the CCCS event I went to back in October. The tartan/plaid pattern is what attracted me to them but when I tried them on and realized that they were high-waisted with this awesome belt, I was sold. The belt reminds me of the name belts that we wore back in the 80s (that they tried to bring back recently). I wanted to keep the look classic so I chose the ever classic/timeless turtleneck. The turtleneck is so on trend right now even though I have tons of them in many colors and fabrics, regular, cowl necks, sweaters, etc., that I wear every winter and purchase new ones to replace worn out ones. But you know how fashion can be, if a celebrity is seen wearing something, it’s “the new trend”. I thought about wearing a stacked heel loafer of some type but then I decided these wooden bottom booties would give the outfit more edge and not be so stuffy and boring (hence the reason for the headband too; besides the fact that I feel naked when I don’t wear a hat, scarf, or something over my hair). Just realized these pants remind of something Gwen Stefani would wear from her LAMB Collection! Also, Alexander McQueen (and others) had done some plaid pieces as he was also seen wearing plaid kilts,  in their collections.

P.S.- Excuse the frowns, the sun was killing my eyes!; Also random picture Javar likes to throw in the mix!

Blazer: Liz Claiborne (Thrifted)

Turtleneck: Random (old)

Pants: Escada (CCCS)

Booties: Random (old)


14 Dec

Friday: Michelle and I attended a holiday party that was thrown by one of the specialist that our office refers patients to. We had a good time! Lots of great food and drinks (non-alcoholic and wine/spirits/beer). They had everything covered! Saw alot of unfamiliar faces and some others that I used to work with in the past. So the office space was very crowded and HOT, so we found our way out to the hallway to eat and hang out a little. So if you’re wondering why we are wearing those lame “Hello My Name is” name tags (I always hate when I have to wear those things; if someone wants to know my name they can just ask; but they are a big help to me, someone who does not remember anyone’s name-just faces- when I’m in a situation where I’m around them for a longer period of time and I NEED to know their name; I digress!) it’s because they had us don one as we hit the entrance to the festivities. As far as my outfit goes, the skirt I picked up back in the Spring. I wore the oversized sweater with it to make it more relaxed and casual. The skirt is silk and could easily be dressed up with a fancy blouse and a more feminine/dainty shoe. The sweater covers it, but it has cute button details at the front waist area. I could easily wear this in the Summer with a tank(tucked so the details show) and sandals. Just realized it, but Shell and I both are wearing shiny/silky bottoms (my skirt/her pants). I told you we don’t plan these things, it just happens.

Sweater: Men’s Dockers (Thrifted)

Shirt and Vest: American Living (JCP-old)

Skirt: See by Chloe (Loehmanns)

Booties: Tory Burch (2010)

Clutch: Rachel by Rachel Roy (old)

Necklace: JCP

Bracelets: JCP; Thrifted

Nails: “Skull and Glossbones” (OPI)