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Gold Patches

25 Nov

Sunday: See what happens when I have no photographer and have to use my tripod. I cut my head off. But since it is supposed to be all about the outfit, I decided to use these photos anyway. The sweater is one of the finds that I talked about in yesterday’s post. It is so heavy and cozy at the same time. But what actually made me buy it was the gold patch elbows. Such a great detail and something I’ve never seen before. I like that they used gold to contrast with the silver. See, you can mix metal tones! I thought this was the perfect opportunity to bring out these silver shoes that I wore back in the Summer in this post. I didn’t realize it when I purchased them, but Louboutin has an almost identical pair out (The Un Bout). His comes in several colors, as did these. These were also available in neon yellow and neon pink. I thought the silver were the better ones because the others just looked cheap. Granted they were very inexpensive, but that doesn’t mean they have to look it. Of course, Louboutin’s are very expensive ($795). Not worth the price for some plastic (PVC) shoes, I don’t care whose name is one them. Plus, these are actually comfortable. I hear Louboutin’s aren’t comfortable at all! None of them! But that wouldn’t stop me from getting a pair of my own. A classic pair, not anything too trendy. I hope you enjoyed your long weekend. Back to work tomorrow. God Bless!

Sweater: Workshop by Andrea Jovine (BCF)

Boyfriend Jeans: A.N.A. (JCP)-old

Belt: M.Kors (old)

Shoes: Wild Rose (BCF)

Necklace: JCP


24 Nov

Saturday: First off I wanna thank my middle child for taking this photos. The youngest is the designated photographer and when he is not around and the either of the other two are, they get the honors (reluctantly, of course, but they do it). So, this is what I wore to go to my sister’s for family game night. The sweater I bought a few weeks ago. I purchased this one along with a few others. I had been looking for some new sweaters and was happy when I scored these, all at the same time. I found some really good ones. So much so that the girls at the check out was drooling over every one and said they were going to go find the same ones for themselves. Little did they know, and I didn’t want to burst their bubble, but the ones that I was purchasing, was the only ones there. And I did look thru every size and on every sweater rack. That’s what I usually do when I shop, look thru every rack and every size. You never know what you may find that may have ended up mixed in with the wrong sizes. I know, it takes alot of patience, but if I don’t have patience for anything else, I do have the patience of Job when it comes to shopping! Anyways, what really sold me on the sweater is the leather (faux) elbow patches. I have always loved a patched elbow. It just gives a piece more interest and sophistication, especially on a blazer. Since the sweater was oversized, I kept the bottoms slim fitted to balance it all out. And the booties, they were a Black Friday find (about 60% off), or what was left of the deeply discounted boots that were put out. I just so happened to look thru the few boxes that remained and even though these were a 1/2 size smaller than my regular shoe size, I still decided to give them a try. Lo and behold, they fit. And they also had a brown/bronze pair (which, brown booties, I’ve been looking for). Different brands and different cuts/styles run differently and you never know if they will fit you unless you try them/it on. This goes for clothes too. That’s why I try everything (mostly) on. So there you have it. Thanks for stopping by. Hope you enjoyed your Thanksgiving weekend and got some great deals Black Friday shopping. God Bless!

Sweater: Workshop by Andrea Jovine (BCF); P.S.: I love this brand!

Jeans: Arizona (JCP)

Booties: Cosmopolitan (JCP)

Necklace: Charles Klein (BCF)

Bracelets: UO; Thrifted

Hat: San Diego Hat Co. (old)


22 Nov

Thursday: This is my Thanksgiving Day outfit. Wanted to wear something comfy in order to accommodate my full belly and also to be able to get in a good after dinner nap on the couch. I love the print of this dress. Very warm, Fall colors actually called a Masai print  (a group in Africa). Maxi dresses are always an easy wear, no-brainer outfit that looks good on any body type. They are all made to be very long so a nice heel always helps to elevate that hemline enough so as to not drag the ground. These heels are a lower height for me so they are more like wearing a flat to me but it makes me feel more put together. These boots are actually the taller version to my favorite brown booties that I’ve been wearing so much since late Summer. And since Old Navy was having a buy 1 get 1 50% off, I decided to grab these and the black booties (that I will probably wear just a much as the brown ones; especially in the Spring/Summer with dresses). Anyways, enjoyed a great day with my family (aunts, cousins, sister, nephews, etc.), as usual. Hope you enjoyed your Thanksgiving! Not going out early morning Black Friday shopping, so for those of you who, have fun! There’s no need for me to go out early anymore. Don’t “need” anything specific but will probably venture out in the afternoon “just because”. God Bless!

Maxi Dress: Worthington (JCP-clearance)

Leather Jacket: J.Lo (very old)

Boots: Old Navy

Necklaces: Vintage; Thrifted


Black White and Orange

18 Nov

Sunday: First off, excuse the puffy, red eyes. My eyes are always puffy in the morning when I wake up. I should have put on sunglasses but was running late for church and had to take photos in a hurry. Anyway, I purchased this orange cropped trousers a few months back. I loved the color. The tag says they are tomato but I call them orange. I wish they had other colors because I would have got them too because this are quality fabric, especially for Forever 21. They are a versatile weight fabric that can be worn in the colder months but will also be comfy during the warmer months. I wouldn’t normally wear orange with black, for the sake of looking too Halloween-y, but I liked the contrast of the black and white combo with the orange. I’m also loving how leather (or faux) is being incorporated with other fabrics. I was always a fan of leather but now this trend I’m definitely feeling too. I pulled out the classic Tory pumps to complete the look. I bought them a couple years ago and have only worn them once with this Liz Claiborne dress that I later saw our 1st lady in the exact same dress. I just love how our 1st lady dresses. She is definitely a style icon and the best dressed 1st lady ever (along with Jackie Kennedy, of course)! That just goes to show that style isn’t about how much a piece cost or who the designer is, it’s partly about one’s taste level. It doesn’t matter how much money you have or how much you spend your clothes, money can’t buy you style. So whether you shop at high end designer stores, thrift shop, Target or Gap, it’s how you put it together and how confident you look and feel when you where it. So that’s my 2cents for today. Hope you had a great weekend! God Bless!

Turtleneck: F21 (very old)

Faux Leather Top: Worthington (JCP)

Trousers: Love 21 (F21)

Shoes: Tory Burch (old)

Necklace: Charles Klein (BCF)

Spiked Bracelet: UO


11 Nov

Sunday: You already know how I love a print. And an allover print on print, even better! I purchased this pant suit several months back before it went on clearance. I was attracted to the pattern, how different it was compared to others that I see. Later, I heard someone on tv call this type of pattern FloMo (floral and camouflage effect). I’m glad I did because by the time they got marked down, of course, my sizes were gone. But I did end of snagging the pants and skirt in another color/pattern that I wore the skirt in this post (still on the lookout for the blazer). But recently I came across the skirt in this pattern/color that I’m wearing today on the clearance rack. The shoes I’ve been trying to wear since I bought them back in August after my girls beach day shopping trip (I wore the gold ones here). Today was the perfect day, weather wise. I know it’s mid-November but when God throws us East Coasters a high 60s/70 degree day, what better way to take advantage of it then to wear open toe shoes/sandals, barelegs or anything else that we wouldn’t normally wear this time of year! How did you enjoy this great weather weekend? God Bless!

Pants and Blazer: Workshop by Andrea Jovine (BCF)

Shirt: A.N.A. (JCP)

Sandals: Nine West (Nine West Outlet)

Sunglasses: D&G (old)

Peplums and Cap Toes

11 Nov

Saturday: Tonight I attended the 4th Annual Delaware Black Awards. My boss was nominated for “Best Doctor”. This was my 1st time attending this event. It was a great night of food, networking, seeing people that you might not see often and honoring many business people, leaders and entrepreneurs who make a difference in our communities. Delaware is such a small state, especially in the the Black community but there are alot of people who make a big impact. These awards take the time to honor those who make a difference in their professions/businesses and beyond. From Best Doctor, Best Barber, Community Leader, Live Band and many more! What an awesome event! I look forward to attending again! Ok, so the outfit is a scuba material peplum dress. By scuba material, I mean neoprene, a rubberized fabric. Not entirely made of it, but it is incorporated. Just an LBD (little black dress), one of several types that every woman should have in her closet. You will never go wrong by wearing that LBD to any event on any occasion. Just accessorize appropriately and go. I wore the green/black moto jacket to add some color. And the silver cap toe booties add a little edge to the feminine peplum. Do you have a go to outfit or piece? Thanks for stopping by! God Bless!

Jacket: I Heart Ronson (JCP)

Dress: Bisou Bisou (JCP)

Belt: Random (removed blue belt from dress)

Booties: Jessica Simpson (Macys)

Necklace: BCF

Lucite Cuff: T. Burch (; old)


11 Nov

Friday: Casual outfit worn to run errands. Decided to wear my moccasins that were part of my b-day present from my work family. They know I don’t usually wear flats but know that I am pretty much game to wear “almost” anything because I love fashion so they took the chance on giving me these flats. I love them! They are super comfy! Although I often say flats are uncomfortable to me, these proved otherwise. I think what it is about them that I love so much is the fact that they feel like I am wearing slippers. If you know me, you know that I am the queen of lounging and lounge wear and relish any opportunity I get to wear such. So walking around all day in these suede mocs were like walking the day away in my slippers! And can’t forget the fact that they are stylish with the gold stud accents! What’s your favorite type of footwear? Are you Team Heels or Team Flats? God Bless!

Sweater: A.N.A. (JCP)

Jeans: Zara Basics

Vest: American Living (JCP-old)

Moccasins: M.Kors (gifted)