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Farmer Chic

28 Nov

Sunday: I borrowed this look from an article Joe Zee (creative director @ Elle Magazine), did a few months back (don’t remember which issue). Overalls used to be big in the 80s. I remember we used to wear them with one strap hanging down. That was trend that the rap/breakdancing crowd (Hip Hop as it’s known today) used to rock. They are also a coveted item for many “moms” and those considered not so stylish and most commonly, the farmer. But I remixed them by pairing them with a animal print blouse (which is more on the “dressy” side) and platform boots and gold accessories. By styling the overalls this way it gives them a chic, stylish, put-together feel, rather than frumpy, which is usually how they are seen. Oh, and yes, I do carry a purse (well clutch today), I just don’t usually put them in shots because even though I have tons, I don’t like changing them, better yet, I’m just too lazy to go to the basement where they are stored and get one.What do you think? Would you wear overalls?

Coat: M.Kors (old)

Blouse: Thrifted

Overalls: Thrifted

Boots: Juicy Couture (Marshalls-old)

Hat: Payless Shoes

Watch: M.Kors

Bracelets: Random

Necklace: Thrifted

Fun with Family

27 Nov

Saturday: My sister had a family dinner @ her house since she had to work on Thanksgiving. Some of the fam (my mom’s sisters/kids/grandkids; not extended family) came over (not everyone since we all live in different parts of the country it’s hard to get that to happen and then some of the older kids, like mine, that don’t have time for us “old folk” all the time!). We ate (alot; only some of food shown in pic) and did karaoke and laughed and taught the older ones (my aunts; not my mom cause apparently she already knew them; she did used to be the dancer of the family, so they say), “line dances” (cha cha slide; electric slide; cupid shuffle, etc.)and laughed some more. We had a blast! Most of us will feel it tomorrow, some had already started feeling it before we left! Karaoke was hilarious! Mommy insisting that she be the lead singer of all the songs she performed with her sisters! She is sooo bossy (but that’s o.k with my aunts, they’re used to it!) We didn’t play our usual games this time but we’ll get’em in next time! Overall had a great time! But we always do when we get together! As for the outfit, I decided to go barelegged, again, since the weather was so beautiful! Gotta take advantage of those unusually warm, late November days of the East Coast! The dress I purchased probably 4-5 yrs ago just didn’t wear it until now. Thought it would be too short for church and too tight around the hip area (I told you I don’t like showing my hips). I know most of you wouldn’t consider it tight, but if it reveals the shape of my hips, it’s too, o.k, fitted for me. I had a cropped jacket but it was just too warm for it until nightfall. But I got over that and wore it anyway.

Dress: M.Kors (Marshalls)

Boots: Prada (Designer Consigner)- deal of the year! well 2nd, YSL jacket 1st

Watch: M.Kors (old)

Bracelets: H&M; Random;Thrifted; American Eagle

Necklace: Random (old)

Nails: “Last Chance” (Sinful Colors)

Grunge 2011

26 Nov

Friday: I put this outfit together to run out and do some “quick” Black Friday shopping. I didn’t have plans to purchase anything specific so I decided to go out later, not that 5a.m. stuff that I used to enjoy doing with my sister when my boys were younger.  A little traffic but not bad at the stores. I figured most people would be home napping by the time I went out. So since it was early afternoon when I went out, I wanted to wear something light (it was mid to high 60 degrees) and also didn’t want to get overheated and having to carry around a big coat in the stores. This dress is cotton with tank sleeves so I threw on the cropped sweater for more coverage (even though it’s warm, it’s still the end of November). I was attracted to this dress because of the uneven circle hemline. I like how the back hangs longer and the front is shorter exposing some leg and showing off whatever footwear is chosen.The boots are for comfort, plus I liked given the outfit the whole grunge (of the 90s) effect, but with lighter colors not the usual black. If it wasn’t too warm out I would’ve thrown on a knit hat to add to the whole look. So did any of you go out into the madness of “Black Friday” and if so, what did you get? Any good deals?

Dress: Left on Houston (BCF)

Sweater: New York & Company

Boots: F21

Watch: Random

Bracelets: Tory Burch; Shamballa

Sunglasses: Club Monaco

Turkey Day

25 Nov

Thanksgiving Day: There were 2 reasons why I chose to wear this outfit today.  I purchased these silk pajamas (yes, I said pj’s) specifically to wear them as an outfit as in the trend that was shown on several runways for the Fall/Winter ’11 collections (my favorite being the Tommy Hilfiger;I would wear everything he sent down the runway!). I’ve had them for a few months now but didn’t know where it would be “appropriate” to wear them and it was still just too warm outside to wear them.  I decided today would be the perfect day. #1-The weather was gonna be warm, but not too hot and not too cold. The #2 reason is that I thought they would be perfect for my after dinner nap/lounging after eating that big meal! And I was right! I just took off my shoes, grabbed a blanket and curled up on the couch. PERFECTION!!!! No tight and restricting clothes on my now full belly. No need to have to loosen several buttons because these have the drawstring waist. I styled it with the lightweight pullover sweater to make it a complete look and more put together. I like how the pattern from the top shows thru the sweater. The heels also give the whole look a more “dressed up” appearance and not to look as if I just rolled out of bed and hit the streets. And of course the jewelry. Throw on some accessories (esp. in gold) and it instantly adds polish to any look! My family didn’t even realize I was wearing pjs until I told them! What do you think, would you wear pjs out in public? Like this, not those flannel things you see the kids wearing out (and some adults).

Pajamas: Jones New York

Sweater: A.N.A. (JCP)

Jacket: Worthington (JCP)

Necklace: Napier (thrifted)

Bangles: Random

Bracelet: Monet (thrifted)

Watch: M.Kors

Shoes: Steve Madden

Drumroll Plz

21 Nov

Sunday (after church): I normally don’t take pictures more than once a day but I had to take these. So you may ask, “What’s the drumroll plz” all about? Well, the reason why is because I am now introducing you to my “Huck Finn/Tom Sawyer” boots that I have talked about on more than one occasion. You’re probably not impressed! They aren’t the most attractive shoe I own but they sure are the most comfortable/practical/functional. And I like em! I love how they look distressed/already broken in. And like I said before, they remind me of the desert boots I wore when I was younger.

Sweater: Old Navy

Shirt: Random

Jeans: Levis (old)

Boots: Boutique 9 “Hatbox Bootie”


21 Nov

Sunday: Since today was forecasted to be in the mid 60s, I thought I’d try to get another day in of going barelegged. This vintage shirtdress I found when I was away on vacation this summer ( I think! Sometimes I forget if I don’t wear something right away). Anyway, I was attracted to the pattern. It looks like it could be from the 70s with the color combo and the big collar. The shoes were chosen because I thought this lace up style would work well with this type of dress and also I like how the color doesn’t “match” but compliments the other colors of the dress. I love how different these shoes are. The color, is red (according to the box), but it’s more of a maroonish to me. They are a crinkled patent leather material and I love how the laces are ribbons instead of the traditional shoe lace.

Shirtdress: Vintage

Vest: Vivienne by Vivienne Tam (Marshalls)

Shoes: JLo by Jennifer Lopez (old)

Necklace: Besty Johnson Sex in the City Collection (HSN-old)

Watch: M.Kors

Bracelets: Random


20 Nov

Saturday: I thought I was gonna be able to enjoy my 1st weekend of no football game, but I thought wrong! Forgot I had a meeting @ church today so I decided to just enjoy this beautiful fall day. Went to my meeting, Javar assisted me in changing the Health & Healing bulletin board @ the church and then hung out and did some shopping and dinner. I love having a mother/son day with my “Baby”. Enjoying it while it lasts cause it won’t be long before those days are few and far between (those of you with teenagers can relate to this!). So I chose this location to take some shots because earlier this past week it was beautiful (it still is, but the leaves are now on the ground instead of the trees). During the week, you could look down from the top of the street and the trees, on both sides of the street, were covered with these gorgeous yellow leaves. It created a canopy over the entire street as you went down it.  It was very picturesque! But I guess with the rain that came thru and the wind, the trees are now bare, for the most part. I love the color changing of the leaves and hate to see when they fall off and expose the bare, naked tree branches (ugg! the dreary signs of winter). Are the leaves still on the trees in your neighborhoods! Enjoy the rest of the weekend!

Sweater: Old Navy

Shirt: Hollister

Cords: GAP

Boots: Tory B

Hat: Nine West

Jewelry: Fossil; Random

Shop til You Drop

19 Nov

Thursday Night: Got invited to go to a “Girls Night Out” Shopping event. It was held at my favorite local consignment store, “Designer Consigner”(has more of a boutique feel than a consignment store as you can see; service provided is also more on the boutique level).  When you book this event, the owner shuts the store down from 7pm-9pm so that the hostess and her guests can shop. While you shop, they provide wine and cheese/crackers (and specially purchased, apple cider) for everyone to enjoy. It was a fun time! You get to social and shop. Ladies came in and out during the 2 hrs, but me and T stayed the whole time. You know me, I need at least 2 hrs to shop one store. That 2 hrs is comprised of me hunting out and gathering  what I like, and then taking all of that stuff into the fitting room to see what fits well and then finally narrowing down all the rest to my must-have pieces that I can’t leave without. Yeah, I know, it’s a process! But I love it! Consignment stores and thrift stores are always the best because you never know what hidden treasure you might find! As I’ve mentioned before, I always find those gems @ this store. Of course I didn’t leave with everything I wanted. Had to leave some things behind but will be checking back up on them to see if their price gets reduced (Sorry, forgive me, but I do stalk clothes sometimes!). How about you, do you watch pieces of clothing/jewelry/shoes and wait for better prices?

P.S.: The party hostess gets a percentage of what is spent by her guests that night, to shop with, either that night or future use. (that’s awesome!)

Jacket: Yves Saint Laurent (thrifted)

Tank: GAP

Jeggings: BDG (UO)

Boots: Tory B

Necklace: JCP

Bracelets: Chanel; Vintage; Random

Burnt Sienna

14 Nov

Sunday: The end of another football season! Javar’s team had playoff game today. They were doing very well, winning 12-0 going into the 4th quarter. Until the head coach called one of the dumbest plays ever! (which now he is probably kicking himself for). Instead of keeping it on the ground (a running play), which is how we gain the most yardage, he decided to call a pass play. What do you know, the other team intercepted it which eventually lead to a touchdown/2pt conversion for them. This put them on the board and also pumped up their hearts which helped them score again, and then again and won the game. So an end to a great season for them. They did a great job by making it this far! So anyway, the outfit was put together to go from church to the f-ball stands. I wanted to make sure I wasn’t going to get too cold so I layered up (it started off not too bad, just a lil windy with the sun shining, but it did get a lil chilly), but also wanted to look put  together for church. The hat, jacket, scarf and my Tom Sawyer boots (not pictured-took them off for pics, was gonna do pics with both but I had to wake Javar up to take these and he was grouchy and rushing the shots so I opted for just shots with these boots) were worn while watching the game.


Jacket: French Cuff (Ross-old)

Hat: Echo

Scarf: Random

Sweater: GAP (current)

Shirt: Worthington (JCP)

Jeans: Fire Los Angeles (TJ Maxx)

Boots: Tory B. (last yr)

Necklace: Charles Klein (BCF)

Watch: Random (Loehmann’s)

Bracelets: Shamballa; Fossil; Random

Knit Wear

13 Nov


Saturday: Had a baby shower to attend today so I wanted to wear this skirt I picked up about a month ago. I had been looking for a “sweater”/knit skirt but could never seem to find the right one. Most were too long and not fitted enough. I usually don’t go for anything too form-fitting because even though I am thin, I do have wide hips (thanks Mommy and Grandmom Barbara!). The jacket actually balances out the hips not only because it hits right at the hip but also because the shoulders are wider. So I knew I was gonna wear a jacket. The other reason for this specific jacket is the color. I love how bright it is against all the black. The booties just make the whole look more fun and not too serious! What did you do with your Saturday? Well, enjoy the rest of the weekend!


Blazer: Thrifted

Shirt: GAP

Skirt: Hue (Marshalls)

Booties: Tory Burch (last yr)

Necklace: MIX IT (JCP)

Watch: Random

Bracelets: Thrifted; JCP

Earrings: Ralph Lauren

Sunglasses: D&G

Nails: “Nirvana” (Sinful Colors)