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No Parking on the Dance Floor!

30 Apr

IMG_6619 IMG_6639 IMG_6645 IMG_6641 IMG_6621 IMG_6632

Sunday: Ok, I think this is becoming a bad habit. Another late post. But anyways, here it is. Finally decided to wear my Chanel jacket I found at CCCS back in the Fall. After scoring it, I found out that it is actually vintage! Bonus! I had been wanting a classic Chanel jacket for quite some time but they were always out of my price range. Until that day in October, as I searched the racks at CCCS, there it was! Chanel! And at a price that I just couldn’t pass up. I had to have it! Even if it meant not purchasing anything else that day. But since I didn’t have much else anyway, it was a win-win situation. This would probably be the only time that I would come across a Chanel jacket that I could afford to buy without breaking the bank. So home it came! This jacket is definitely a collector’s item that is a great addition to my wardrobe. I’m going to try to wear it often (probably 2x yr, that’s often for me). But it will remain in my wardrobe for many years to come waiting to be passed down to my future granddaughter. As you can tell, the Chanel is the statement piece of the day so everything else basic. White tee and white jeans. No explanation required. Oh yeah, it’s my blogs 2 yr anniversary! When I started this blog as a way to journal my other passion fashion and the outfits that I wear. I wasn’t looking for any publicity or sponsors or anything else that most bloggers are doing (to each his/her own). Lord knows I have enough jobs, lol! I love fashion and being able to express myself thru clothing and accessories. I also love giving fashion/styling tips and advice to whoever may be reading this blog. I don’t track how many of you are actually reading my blog because that’s not my goal. But I do appreciate all who have been following my blog from the beginning and all of you who may be new readers. Thank you for taking an interest in what I have to say and do and what I wear. Hope you’re having a great week! God Bless!

P.S.: Just had a flashback of that song, “No parking on the dance floor!”, hence the title of this post, lol; who was the group that sang that? I’m not good at that stuff.

Chanel Jacket: Vintage (CCCS)

White Tee: Jennifer Lopez (Kohl’s)

Jeans: Ross (old)

Shoes: Jennifer Lopez (Kohl’s)

Modern Vintage

23 Apr

IMG_6519 IMG_6527 IMG_6539 IMG_6544 IMG_6531

Sunday: Sorry for the late post. This is what I wore to church. It’s a vintage maxi dress I found at the estate sale I went to last year. I love the colors! Also, the fit is perfect! I didn’t have to alter it at all. I wanted to make the whole look more modern so I added the nude platform maryjane’s and the leather cropped jacket. Also, I kept my hair modern. I didn’t want to look like I stepped out of the past. Sometimes, I like a complete vintage look, the outfit, hair and accessories. But most of the time, I like to wear modern accessories with vintage pieces. This dress actually has  3/4 length sleeves and zips up the back. I was in a rush (well, not me exactly, Javar was) taking these photos so I didn’t even think to take my jacket off.  Anyways, I told myself that I will start wearing more of my vintage pieces. Most of them are dresses and skirts so since the weather is getting into the bare-legged territory, let’s see how I do. Hope your week is going well. Thanks for reading! God Bless!

Dress: Vintage

Jacket: Ali & Kris (old)

Shoes: Aldo (old)

Jump Around

14 Apr

IMG_6490 IMG_6495 IMG_6514 IMG_6504 IMG_6501 IMG_6517

Sunday: Another black and white ensemble. So I decided to stop by Kohl’s after seeing their new commercials promoting one of their new designers, Derek Lam. I am a fan of his work, owning probably only 1 piece or two, due to his price point. Although I usually can find these high end designers’ pieces for much much less than retail, I haven’t been so lucky with his. So when I saw Kohl’s was featuring pieces from him, I just had to go check them out. There were a few pieces that I wanted but since they were only 30% off, I restrained myself to just this jumpsuit. The pieces are priced well for this designer name but still a bit too high for Kohl’s. Don’t get me wrong, the quality and style are very good, but sometimes if it doesn’t feel special enough I’m not willing to pay for it. But, I am loving this jumpsuit! It’s exactly the fit I love, loose and slouchy. The weight of the material is perfect for this time of the year. And of course, I love that it is so long in length! So long that I had to pull out these platforms that I purchased two years and haven’t worn them since. As far as the top, I knew immediately that I wanted to wear it with the jumpsuit. I’ve had it in my closet for a few years and hadn’t found anything to wear it with. I was drawn to it because of the bow but the cut is a little unflattering. It has an empire waist that flows away from the body and can give that maternity look. So since that would be covered by the jumpsuit but the fabulous bow would be exposed, I thought it would work out for this look. And pockets are also a bonus! Sidebar: “In an effort to reduce the environmental impact of harsh chemicals associated with dry cleaning, the Derek Lam for Design Nation collection is entirely machine washable.” Thanks for reading! Hope you had a great weekend! God Bless!

Top: Kenar (Marshall’s)-very old

Jumpsuit: Derek Lam for Design Nation (Kohl’s)

Shoes: Sabine ( old

Sunglasses: Marc Jacobs (old)

Neon Pop

7 Apr

IMG_6461 IMG_6467 IMG_6471 IMG_6479 IMG_6468 IMG_6472

Sunday: Quick change after church to head out to dinner hosted by an acquaintance and his wife (also members of WOFCC). Bought this faux leather peplum a few months ago and today was the perfect day to wear it. With the weather being in the mid 60s, it was warm enough to go sleeveless but also not too warm to wear leather without looking crazy. Since the top is a rather basic color (looks more burgundy-ish in photos, but more brownish in person), wore this snake print shoes with orange piping to add interest. I almost forgot that I had this orange clutch (also have the black one), decided it was perfect to wear with this ensemble. And a big thanks to Javar for suggesting that I wear this vintage necklace. I asked his opinion of another necklace when he pointed this one out to me. I think I forgot about it, even though it hangs right in face. I guess I just hadn’t been inspired to wear it though I thrifted  about 2-3 yrs now. I’ve taught the boy well! I can see him now styling his woman one day. So kudos to him for that, but I forgot to get him to finish zipping me up and he didn’t even mention it while taking these photos. Those are the little things that he always seems to miss when taking my photos. Earrings turned wrong side, necklace not straight, top not quite right, etc.  I guess I can just chalk it up to males not being as detail orientated as females. Anyways, I appreciate him taking my pics. And I sure do miss him when he is out doing his own thing and I have to resort to using the tripod in the house. Well, the start of another week is upon us. The temp. is supposed to be in the 70s, with some rain of course. Not important to me because I’ll be at work all day anyway. But still grateful that Spring is finally upon us. Off with the heat and on with the hot new Spring looks! God Bless!

Top: Mandee’s

Jeans: Zara Basics

Shoes: BCBG??? (Sorry, can’t remember right now); (TJ Maxx-old)

Clutch (tablet case): Old Navy (old)

Necklace: Vintage

Two Tone

7 Apr

IMG_6436 IMG_6446 IMG_6440 IMG_6451 IMG_6442

Sunday: These two-tone trousers were a must-have when I seen them on the rack. They just take me back to the good ‘ole 80s when we used to rock the two-tone jeans. I know you 40 and over ladies know what I’m talking about! Anyways, I decided to wear this floral print top with them to make things a little more interesting being as though black and gray is a bit boring (to me). The colors aren’t very vibrant but it does add just a little color to this neutral gray and black story. And because I chose to wear heels two days in a row, Friday and Saturday, while shopping (I know, not very smart; just thought I wouldn’t be out long), I decided to give more poor feet a rest. Not exactly flats, but more comfy for me, none-the-less. Hope you had a great weekend! God Bless!

Top: Worthington (JCP)

Trousers: Larry Levine (Marshall’s)

Blazer: Elizabeth and James (TJ Maxx)

Shoes: Calvin Klein (old)

The Boss

7 Apr

IMG_6401 IMG_6417 IMG_6403 IMG_6421 IMG_6406 IMG_6424

Friday: A casual jeans and tee shirt ensemble. Well, not the typical t-shirt but still a t-shirt. Leather has been a trend for the past couple of seasons, but trend or not, it is always a staple. I love how it is being used in atypical ways such as added to a basic black tee. I threw on the hat because I love to wear hats but since I have been natural, my hat wearing has become almost obsolete. But I just can’t let that happen. So since my hair was in its stretched  form (naturals, you know what I’m talking about), it made it that much easier to put a hat on this hair. So “Jesus is My Boss” became my mantra for the day (and everyday for that matter). To make the outfit a bit more “special” than just your typical t-shirt and jeans, just add a pair of heels. I think that heels go with everything! In most cases, no matter what you put on, heels just takes it to another level. So when in doubt, throw on a pair of heels! Hope you all enjoyed the nice weather we’ve been having on the East Coast this weekend! God Bless!

Top: A.N.A. (JCP)

Jeans: JCP (old)

Shoes: Free People ( P.S.: they run approx. 1 size smaller than normal

Hat: New Castle Farmers’ Market

Lip Service

1 Apr

IMG_6347 IMG_6355 IMG_6364 IMG_6366

Sunday: Ok, I love warmer weather but as of the last couple of years, I have developed allergies. So when the Spring begins, so does the puffy, watery eyes and the sneezing. I really should of used some sunglasses to disguise the effects of said allergens but oh well, we had to quickly snap these pics before heading off to church for Resurrection Sunday (and the weather was going to take a downturn in the afternoon with rain). Anyways, this is a sweater that I picked up during F21 end of season sale when they had that extra 50% off sale prices. I love how simple yet bold it is with the bright pink lips. It’s pretty lightweight so it wasn’t too warm out to wear it but I would have definitely layered it during the colder months. Decided to keep the entire look light with the off white slacks but added the brightly colored booties for that pop of color. The long weekend turned out pretty nice weather wise. Just a tease of the warmer weather to come (hurry up, already!). Hope you all enjoyed your extended holiday weekend. I did! But back to the grind tomorrow! God Bless!

Sweater: F21

Slacks: Thrifted (very old)

Booties: Michael Antonio (DSW)

Belt: Vintage

Spring Blooms

1 Apr

IMG_6252 IMG_6294 IMG_6319 IMG_6329

Saturday: I wore this to go out and do some errands while enjoying a beautiful Spring day. It was quite warm but still a little too chilly for exposed arms so I threw on the tissue thin cardi. The shoes are a little more on the dressy side but you know how I like mixing it up with dressy and something more casual such as the distressed jeans. I found these shoes a few months ago and had to have them. They remind me so much of the Valentino’s ‘Rockstud T-Strap Pump’, that I want but are out of the price range that I wish to spend. So these will just have to do. It’s hard to tell from the photos but they are a navy/black snake print/texture with a low kitten-like heel that is so on trend right now. I thought about adding (DIY) some studs like the Valentino’s but changed my mind and wanted to keep that as already are. They are so comfy! I wish I could find them in other colors because you know I would purchase them (part of my multiples habit, lol). I hope you enjoyed our nice weekend weather. God Bless!

Floral Top: F21

Jeans: MNG by Mango (JCP)

Shoes: Audrey Brooke (DSW)

Cardigan: Old Navy (old)