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Stars and Stripes

26 Oct


This is one of the vintage pieces that I picked up in Chicago. I like to hit up the thrift stores and go vintage shopping whenever I visit a different city. I do my research online before I get there so that I have a well executed plan as to where to go, store hours and the best way to get there. Wicker Park was the neighborhood. They had several stores up and down the street. I spent my time going in and out of stores (while the hubby patiently waited). He knows that’s my thing when we travel! It’s also where I picked up this awesome Stella McCartney look-a-likes from Steve Madden. I think they are too trendy and not worth the hundreds of dollars asked for by the designer ones. But that’s just my opinion. Do what you like with your own money ;). Thanks for reading! God Bless!

Dress: Vintage (Ragstock in Chicago)

Shoes: Steve Madden (Chicago)


Vintage Inspired

19 Apr

This is a dress that I “stalked” a few months back. When I say “stalked”, it means I want the piece, but don’t want to pay the current asking price so I literally go back and check on it every week to see if they mark it down to a price that I want to pay. Sometimes it works out and I am able to take the piece home with me at a price that I’m comfortable with, but sometimes someone else snatches it up 1st. If the latter happens, I just say to myself that it wasn’t meant to be. Although I have several vintage dresses, I wanted this one because it has that vintage feel without actually being vintage. And of course the tie neck and the pockets sealed the deal! God Bless!

Dress: Classiques Entier

Shoes: Marni

Bag: Hand-Made by a designer from the Dominican Republic (CCCS 2015)

Transported to the 1970s

1 Jun

IMG_7606 IMG_7623 IMG_7641 IMG_7619 IMG_7627 IMG_7639

Saturday: I wore this to go celebrate my big sissy’s b-day. Even though I am a lover of all things vintage, especially clothing, I hadn’t really done any vintage shopping lately. One reason is because I just don’t have the storage room and the other is, well, no good reason. I had some free time recently and decided to make a trip to a local consignment shop to do some looking around (mainly at their vintage collection). I came across several pieces that I wanted but the prices have drastically increased since the last time I was there, ugh! I just couldn’t justify spending so much for pieces that I will probably not even wear any time soon, being as though most of what I was drawn to needed that special occasion/outing to wear. This dress was one of those pieces but it was perfect for everyday wear and the price was right! And then when I tried it on and realized that it had pockets, bingo! Not only was it a terrycloth maxi dress, but one with pockets, nonetheless! It so transported me into the 70s! And styling it with my African print headwrap just took it to another level, in my opinion. You will probably be seeing a lot more of me in headwraps for the Summer so be prepared, lol! Well, thanks for stopping by! God Bless!

Dress: Vintage (Rags to Riches)

Sandals: Apple Bottom (very old)

With My Afro Puffs

13 Aug

IMG_8768 IMG_8779 IMG_8769 IMG_8782 IMG_8792 IMG_8796 IMG_8813 IMG_8819 IMG_8827 IMG_8852

Saturday: Just a few pics from a 70s/80s party that I went to. I decided to do the 70s thing since it is one of my favorite fashion decades. I thrifted this maxi dress a while ago and was planning on wearing as just an everyday dress but with modern touches like I did with this one. But when I was invited to this party it gave me the opportunity to wear and style it according to its time period. I instantly knew that I was going to rock the afro puffs. That was bonus of having natural hair, I didn’t have to wear the afro wig I just used what I already had! The blue eye shadow was also the makeup trend in the 70s. It was either blue, purple or green. And of course, hoop earrings are a timeless staple that has been worn in every decade. The only disappointment with the whole look was that I was unable to wear shoes due to procedure that I had on my feet the day before. Oh well, maybe the next time! P.S.: how do you go to a themed party and not dress the part? Idk, just saying! Anyway, I have a few more days in these lovely surgical shoes, hence the lack of outfit posts this weekend. I just don’t feel right without a pair of shoes to complete an outfit! Hopefully, this weekend I will be back in regular footwear. Even if it’s not heels, I just miss shoes/boots/flats, anything, please! Y’all know how I love a pair of shoes! I am going thru withdrawls! Ok, I digress! Until next time, God Bless!


Renew and Reuse

27 Jul

IMG_8574 IMG_8588 IMG_8590 IMG_8599 IMG_8605 IMG_8575 IMG_8589 IMG_8601 IMG_8594

Saturday: Just an easy, breezy dress kind of day. I picked this dress up from Urban Outfitters. It’s from Urban Renewal, a line that takes old pieces/vintage pieces and gives them a new life. I love idea of reusing old things and not throwing them away to be left in landfills to contribute to the demise of our environment. Plus, I like vintage clothing because most of the time it is one-of-a-kind because it is probably the only one of its kind left on this Earth and no one else will have it. I love the oversize fit of this dress how it just hangs on my body. Very comfy and very sheer in the light so I added a tank and “biker shorts” as to not expose myself. I initially planned on wearing an ankle boot but decided to go with these flatform sandals instead. Maybe I’ll do the boots another time. That’s all for now! Stop back again for my latest outfit post. God Bless!

Dress: Urban Renewal (UO)

Flatform Sandals: GAP (old)

Nifty Fifties with a Punch of Neon

31 May

IMG_7463 IMG_7461 IMG_7471 IMG_7458 IMG_7465 IMG_7456 IMG_7476 IMG_7452

Thursday Night: I wore this little number to the “Lions and Legends Awards” hosted by The Metropolitan Urban League in Wilmington. I attended this event to show support for my boss who was an award recipient. This dress is one of my vintage finds that have been hanging with others for the past 2 years . I actually had forgotten about it but as this event approached and I pondered what to wear, I spotted this dress, still in the dry cleaners plastic (along with another vintage cocktail-type dress that I had forgotten about), hanging there just waiting to be worn. I love it! So “Mad Men”. It looks like it is from the late 1950s but I’m not an expert on vintage so that’s just a guess. I love that the front is plain but the high collar drops down in the back and opens the back to lead down to a cute bow detail. It kinda looks like the dress is worn backwards (which I would totally do) except there are darts in the front chest area. I initially planned to wear a black strappy sandal/heel but I thought I needed to add some color and these bright neon shoes did the trick! Also, I like that they are vintage-inspired with the block heel and just the overall style of them.  I love a good piece of vintage, especially dresses! Some people don’t like the fact that the piece was worn by someone else and sometimes there is that “old” smell. As far as the smell, I have a solution for that. But as far as someone else wore it, I don’t mind that. It just makes it more interesting to imagine or wonder what the story is behind that piece. Who did it belong to and when, where and why did they wear that piece. The bonus is that no one else will be wearing what you are wearing! Well, that’s all for now. Heading out to another event this evening so I’ll have another post for you later. Enjoy this heat wave! I am, I love it! Finally, Summer/Spring weather! God Bless!

Dress: Vintage

Shoes: Heart Soul (BCF)

Clutch: ?? (very old)

Cuff: Tory Burch


Modern Vintage

23 Apr

IMG_6519 IMG_6527 IMG_6539 IMG_6544 IMG_6531

Sunday: Sorry for the late post. This is what I wore to church. It’s a vintage maxi dress I found at the estate sale I went to last year. I love the colors! Also, the fit is perfect! I didn’t have to alter it at all. I wanted to make the whole look more modern so I added the nude platform maryjane’s and the leather cropped jacket. Also, I kept my hair modern. I didn’t want to look like I stepped out of the past. Sometimes, I like a complete vintage look, the outfit, hair and accessories. But most of the time, I like to wear modern accessories with vintage pieces. This dress actually has  3/4 length sleeves and zips up the back. I was in a rush (well, not me exactly, Javar was) taking these photos so I didn’t even think to take my jacket off.  Anyways, I told myself that I will start wearing more of my vintage pieces. Most of them are dresses and skirts so since the weather is getting into the bare-legged territory, let’s see how I do. Hope your week is going well. Thanks for reading! God Bless!

Dress: Vintage

Jacket: Ali & Kris (old)

Shoes: Aldo (old)