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Gossip Girl

24 Jun

Sunday: Another short set suit. This time I chose something a little more demure and preppy. I’m paying homage to my girl, Blair Wardoff, (or one of her minions, as they are called) from Gossip Girl. Love that show (one of my many guilty pleasures) and Leighton Meester! To stay within the classic, prepster vibe, I decided to wear a tie neck shirt. I love any blouse/shirt that has a tie neck. No matter what the rest of the shirt looks like, I am always attracted to a tie neck. The shoes are a lady-like kitten heel that is so on trend right now. These I picked up during the  charity shopping event that I attended back in the Fall. These were definitely won of my best finds of the day. I love the bow detail and the the two-tone color. They keep with the classic preppy theme that’s going on! The purse I’m wearing is another gift from Grandmom. I think it goes perfectly with the outfit! You know I usually like to mix it up when it comes to my outfits, but I think keeping everything the same in this outfit is a good touch! I didn’t find that I needed or wanted to mix in anything edgy, rugged, or otherwise, with this classic, preppy look. Also wearing the “Coral Pink” lipstick from my new found favorites. Apparently, the brand (Nicka K New York) has a whole line of inexpensive cosmetics and beauty products under different names. Check out the lipsticks, they have alot of different shades and ranges of colors. I bet you will find one or two, or more that you’ll love! Thanks for stopping by! Enjoy the upcoming week and beautiful Summer weather (which is finally here to stay!). God Bless!

Chambray Jacket/Shorts: Attention (K-Mart)

Top: GAP (very old)

Chambray Headband: Old Navy (very old)

Shoes: Salvatore Ferragamo (CCCS)

Bag: Vintage Coach (gifted)

Jewelry: Random; J.Crew; Thrifted

Team Lipstick

24 Jun

Saturday: As seen in the previous post with Chelle, this is what I wore to the grad party. I picked this short suit up  a few months back and never had the opportunity to wear it until now. The thing about it that makes it a challenge to wear is the fact that it is shorts but then it has a jacket. So you really can’t  be comfortable wearing the shorts when it’s chilly enough to wear the jacket, but then when it’s comfortable, weather-wise, to wear the shorts, it’s a little too warm to wear the jacket. But today’s occasion presented itself to be perfect to wear the combo. Even though it was quite warm outside today, the party wasn’t until late evening and it was going to be held indoors, which meant air conditioning, PERFECT! What I love about this outfit is the classic tweed, which is a Chanel-inspired suit look. Always a classic! But the cut of the jacket and shorts, instead of a skirt, makes it more modern. The shoes just give it more edge. The silver cap toe and heel with the clear plastic. I know, they sound uncomfortable, but surprisingly they are actually very comfy! Other than my feet sweating after a period of line dancing, my feet held up very well in these! Oh yeah, trying out another new shade of lipstick from the collection of colors I picked up a while a go (already wore the “Fuchsia” and “Apricot” seen here; also wore “Coral Pink”; and not yet tried “Azalea Pink”). This one is “Beach Fuchsia”. I’m liking these shades of pink. They are different from what I’ve been wearing in my adult life (I used to wear pinks in my younger years). I’ve been stuck in a brown family rut for years (with the occasional red sometimes)but this is definitely a good change for me. Also, very much worth the money and more! Found them at my local hair supply store, very inexpensive, so I had no hesitation about buying them and trying them out. If I didn’t like them, so what, not alot of money lost. But since I love them, jackpot! So are you a lipstick person? I have always been, since I was 12 yrs old. I just think it brings color to your face even if you don’t wear any other color makeup wise. It makes me feel more put together. But if it’s not for you, so be it, do what makes you feel good, whether it’s lipstick, gloss or just plain old Chapstick! Where do you stand on the lip thing? Are you team lipstick, team lip gloss or team bare lip? God Bless!

Jacket/Shorts: H&M (now on sale)

Shoes: Random (BCF)- also come in neon pink and neon yellow

Sunglasses: J. Simpson

Necklace: ? (BCF)

Jewelry: Random; J.Crew; Fossil; JCP

Sunshine N Sparkle

24 Jun

Saturday: Just a few shots of me and Michelle getting ready to go to my cousin Fallon’s grad party. I just noticed that little spot seen on my chin, is from the sunlight bouncing off the necklace. In case your wondering, cause I was looking like what is that! Javar is laughing, saying it looks like a have a big zit, lol! Anyway, more pics later from the party. God Bless!

Thank You Jesus!

23 Jun

Saturday: I bought this dress sometime last year. I had in my mind to wear it during the colder months with layers and some boots but never got around to that. So I’ve been looking at it in my closet since the weather has warmed up and finally decided to wear it. It’s not as thin/lightweight as one might assume so since I wasn’t going to be spending alot of time outside, today was fine to wear it (even though it was 80+degrees). Also considering the fact that black absorbs the sun, I was ok for just getting in and out of car and going inside. For some reason, the flowy, bohemian feel of the dress inspired me to wrap my hair in a scarf and wear my super gladiator sandals for an easy breezy look. I’ve had the gladiators for some years now love that they are more closely resembling of real gladiator sandals because they actual go over your calf. My kids call them my Jesus shoes! Anyway, thanks for reading! God Bless!

Dress: I Heart Ronson (JCP)

Gladiator Sandals: Steve Madden (very old)

Scarf: Vintage

Jewelry: Random

Gym Shorts

23 Jun

Friday: When I saw these shorts I knew exactly how I would style them! They are a throwback to the old school track shorts that I wore growing up, with the extra elasticized mesh inset and all (I like the touch of the leopard print that makes them more stylish and gives them a little omph!). Yeah, some might say that’s what they are for, to run in or workout in. But you know me, I like to take the expected and totally switch it up and make it the unexpected. So that’s exactly what I did! Since the shorts are athletic, I used a classic white button down to make the look more for the streets than the track or gym. And then of course I had to wear a heel and some accessories to complete the look! I also bought another pair in a different color that I might style a little different. Maybe I’ll do a sneaker or something. I don’t know. I guess we’ll have to see when that time comes! What do you think? Enjoy your weekend! God Bless!

Shirt: St. John Bay (JCP)-old

Shorts: Soffee (Boscov’s)

Shoes: Nine West (very old)

Sunglasses: Club Monaco

Necklace: ? (BCF)

Nails: “DJ” (UO)


Not Your Ordinary Sailor

17 Jun

Sunday: Initially I had a different outfit out to wear to church but when I felt that cold air coming in my window, I quickly changed my mind! So, this suit was the 1st thing that popped into my mind when I thought of being warm, but not overly hot. I bought this suit years ago but never felt inspired enough to wear it. I know, I always talk about needing to be inspired to wear a particular outfit or piece. It’s just that I have to feel something emotionally in order to want to wear something. Like, it depends on my mood or feeling of the moment when I’m getting dressed. I know it sounds strange to some of you but that’s just me! Anyways, this suit is nautical/sailor-ish but I wanted to not wear it in such a literal way so I added this floral shirt. The colors in the shirt pop nicely off the navy. I think navy looks good with almost any color, it is considered a neutral, you know! The green shoes tie in with the green in the shirt. I knew I needed a colored shoe and not a plain black or navy shoe to pop against the navy pants. The shoes are a very very old purchase from the now defunk, Footprints Shoe Store. It was a little store with discounted shoes that did not have many locations. Well, when they started to go out of business, they had marked all the shoes and some boots down to $5! Needless to say, Michelle and I went crazy in there! I think I ended up with about 10-15 pairs of shoes when it was all said and done (over a course of about 1wk)! And since you already know my track record when it comes to wearing things, this is the 1st time that these shoes have seen the light of day. And that also goes for all the others! But as I said before, I am going to try to wear those unworn items in the near future. As for the hair, this is the braid-out that is the end product of those braids that was seen in my previous post. So I’m getting there a little with look that I’m trying to achieve (big and messy, but in a good way), but still not quit there yet (gotta get rid of the stragglers). Hope you enjoyed your weekend! Have a Blessed Week! God Bless!

P.S.- Went with Michelle to go thru Grandmom’s things; found some good stuff that Michelle allowed me to keep. So the bag I’m wearing today is one of those things. These things, along with alot of my own things, will be passed down to my grandchildren one day (because they will definitely be fashionistas and love fashion, if it’s up to me!). Thanks Chelle and Dawn!

Pants/Jacket: American Living (JCP)-old

Shirt: Old Navy (old)

Shoes: Random (Footprints-out of business) very old

Sunglasses: M.Kors

Jewelry: Random; Thrifted; Fossil; Shamballa; J.Crew; R.Lauren; Kenneth Cole

Necklace: Worthington (JCP)-old

Bag: Vintage Liz Claiborne (gifted)

Lacy Ruggedness

17 Jun

Saturday: I love these cargo shorts! They are so roomy and comfy. You know how I love a slouchy, loose shorts/pants. I actually purchased these several years ago from the young men’s department. I like the look of mixing something feminine with some masculine. The top is lacy and girlie with the more rugged cargos. Just an easy, effortless outfit for a Saturday. Natural hair journey update: I’ve been gradually cutting chopping off what’s left of the relaxer on the ends of my hair so it’s getting shorter but I’m ok with that because I am just tired of the transition process! I was just looking back at some of my older posts at my hair length, and it is definitely shorter (my hair has been short, very short, in the past but that’s when I was younger; not trying to go back there again though)! I can’t wait to be totally relaxer free and my length grows back so I can have BIG hair! So you’re probably wondering why I have my hair in these type of braids. I’ve had it like this for the last few days#1:because I just wanted a carefree, no maintenance style for a few days and #2: mostly because I wanted to wear a braid out for church. Anyway, I did these myself so the parts aren’t exactly straight and the braids aren’t exactly uniform and they don’t lay perfectly flat, but they do the trick for me anyway. So that’s my outfit and hair story for today. Thanks for reading! God Bless!

Top: H&M Conscious Collection

Shorts: Union Bay (Kohls)-very old

Shoes: Diba (DSW)-old

Jewelry: Random; Fossil; Thrifted; Vince Camuto; Shamballa