Lacy Ruggedness

17 Jun

Saturday: I love these cargo shorts! They are so roomy and comfy. You know how I love a slouchy, loose shorts/pants. I actually purchased these several years ago from the young men’s department. I like the look of mixing something feminine with some masculine. The top is lacy and girlie with the more rugged cargos. Just an easy, effortless outfit for a Saturday. Natural hair journey update: I’ve been gradually cutting chopping off what’s left of the relaxer on the ends of my hair so it’s getting shorter but I’m ok with that because I am just tired of the transition process! I was just looking back at some of my older posts at my hair length, and it is definitely shorter (my hair has been short, very short, in the past but that’s when I was younger; not trying to go back there again though)! I can’t wait to be totally relaxer free and my length grows back so I can have BIG hair! So you’re probably wondering why I have my hair in these type of braids. I’ve had it like this for the last few days#1:because I just wanted a carefree, no maintenance style for a few days and #2: mostly because I wanted to wear a braid out for church. Anyway, I did these myself so the parts aren’t exactly straight and the braids aren’t exactly uniform and they don’t lay perfectly flat, but they do the trick for me anyway. So that’s my outfit and hair story for today. Thanks for reading! God Bless!

Top: H&M Conscious Collection

Shorts: Union Bay (Kohls)-very old

Shoes: Diba (DSW)-old

Jewelry: Random; Fossil; Thrifted; Vince Camuto; Shamballa


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