Wrapping Up 2018

24 Dec

Hey there! Yeah, I know it’s been a very long time since my last post! My only reasoning is that I am so busy with working fulltime, family stuff and mostly, my online shops that I run through Poshmark and Depop that require a lot of my time, I just don’t feel like editing and writing blog posts, tbh! My whole purpose of this blog was for me to express my fashion creativity and share it with others. I still do that but on IG! I’m still trying to decide on how I’m going to move forward in 2019 with the blog. Maybe post 1-2 times per month. I’m also thinking about doing a YouTube channel based on fashion and shopping. Mostly thrift hauls and try ons. For those of you who are not familiar, I am going to show and talk about what I buy from thrift and other stores and style the pieces for you to see. This idea came about because I love watching other people do this and also because I shop and purchase so much but rarely get to wear and post things because I only get dressed on the weekends and refuse to just do photo shoots if I’m not wearing the pieces in real life. I’m not that type of blogger but to each her own! Anyway, stay tuned and follow my IG@ 1ststatestyle.

Outfit #1: Jacket/Trousers (Target); NASA Tee (Five Below); Boots (DSW)

Outfit #2/3: Tee (Five Below); Skirt/Cardi/Boots (Thrifted)

Outfit #4/5: Jacket (Gap-old); Sweater (JCP Men’s); Pants (Urban Outfitters-old); Boots (Zara-Current)

Outfit #6: Sweatshirt (H&M Mens); Skirt (Versace-Thrifted from CCCS); Boots (Rainbow)

Outfit #7/12: Top (H&M); Jeans (Urban Outfitters); Boots (Thrifted)

Outfit #8/9: Trousers and Long Line Vest (Target); Sweater (Boscov’s); Boots (Old Steve Madden?)

Outfit #10/11: Vintage Sweater and Trousers; Boots (? I can’t remember the brand right now but they came from either Nordstrom Rack or Saks Off 5th; 2 years ago I got brown ones too so one pair came from one store and the other pair from the other store!)

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