Finish Line

17 Aug

IMG_3458 IMG_3469 IMG_3461 IMG_3468 IMG_3465 IMG_3466 IMG_3460 IMG_3467

Sunday: I wore this ensemble to church today. As per usual, I always have to add something to what I consider “a basic outfit”, to make it more me. So today I decided to add something a bit a sporty, a baseball hat, with a dress and heels. A bright pair of heels, that is! I guess I would consider this dress a bit sporty due to the checkerboard pattern reminiscent of the flag that ends a car race. Hope you had a great weekend! God Bless!

Dress: Worthington (JCP)

Shoes: Rouge (Rainbow Stores)

River Dance

17 Aug

IMG_3521 IMG_3504 IMG_3479 IMG_3516 IMG_3481 IMG_3518 IMG_3512 IMG_3484

Sunday: Spent the afternoon at Penns Landing for the annual Carribean Festival. It finally felt warm/hot like how Summer is supposed to be! I actually gladly invited the brief moments of the cool breeze bought on when the clouds covered the sun. Had some good food and enjoyed the music/entertain as well as people watching and taking pictures. How did you spend your day? Gotta another post to do so I’m out for now! God Bless!

Dress: Bisou Bisou (JCP)

Gladiators: (old)


11 Aug

IMG_3295 IMG_3351 IMG_3290 IMG_3313 IMG_3280 IMG_3367 IMG_3336 IMG_3307 IMG_3363 IMG_3299

Sunday: I finally wore this maxi dress that I purchased about a year and half ago. I love a long maxi dress but didn’t want it to be too long so I wore these flatform sandals. They were the perfect height to have the hemline graze over them but not drag the ground. This dress could also go a little more casual if I wore a flat sandal (but also drag the ground, ugh!). I also changed from the original belt that came with it. You know, those fabric belts that made from the same material as the dress. I like how along with my styling, the whole look gave me that bohemian vibe. Until next time, God Bless!

Dress: Gypsy by Mara Hoffman (Rags to Riches Consignment Store)

Flatform Sandals: Monet (JCP)-old

Aviators: Fendi (very old)


3 Aug

IMG_3110 IMG_3122 IMG_3105 IMG_3178 IMG_3190 IMG_3107 IMG_3100

Sunday: Just a basic black and white kind of day. I love the fit of these shorts, not too tight and not too loose. The top kind of makes the look more casual but a heel will always elevate a look. I kept everything neutral but went with these yellow glasses for a little pop of color. Well, short post today. Not too much to talk about. Hope you had a great weekend! Oh yeah, my sister and I went to see Mary Mary in concert the other night. Awesome performance! E. Daniels and Byron Cage was also there. We had a great praise and worship time with them! We were on our feet the entire time! I knew we would be so I was prepared and wore a pair of flat boots, lol! God Bless!

Top: Worthington (JCP)

Shorts: Zara (last year)

Shoes: DEB store


28 Jul

IMG_3068 IMG_3089 IMG_3088 IMG_3061 IMG_3077

Sunday: A quick post of some shots me and the hubby did together. He’s usually a neutrals wearing kind of guy but I get him to step out his box every now and then.


When Pigs Fly

28 Jul

IMG_3045 IMG_3051 IMG_3047 IMG_3048 IMG_3057 IMG_3046

Sunday: Wearing a vintage-inspired denim skirt. My favorite part is the buttons that go down the front. And the high waist. You already know how much I love a casual graphic tee with EVERYTHING! It just adds a sense of quirkiness that I love. I just love mixing pieces that ordinarily don’t “match” or “go together” in the traditional sense. But mixing it up is what makes it my personal style. Anywho, the platforms just work with the fuller skirt for me. I guess they are probably what one might have actually worn with a skirt like this in the 70’s. Well, that’s all for now. God Bless!

Tee: ??? (I really can’t remember right now!)

Denim Skirt: A.N.A (JCP)-a few yrs ago

Shoes: Calvin Klein (Marshall’s?)- 1 or 2 yrs ago

White Hot Summer

20 Jul

IMG_3043 IMG_3019 IMG_3035 IMG_3040 IMG_3017 IMG_3036 IMG_3021 IMG_3037

Sunday: I love an all white outfit in the Summertime. It just looks so crisp and clean. And the darker your skin, the more it just seems to pop. No color today, except on the lips. Decided on the neutral shoe to not overpower the white dress. And gold accessories and accents just enhances the look of the white. God Bless!

Dress: Evan Picone (JCP)

Shoes: Michael Kors

Aviators: Gucci


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