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Animal Instincts

31 Oct


Love the richness of a burgundy/wine color! It pops well against this animal print skirt. Wanted to dress the skirt down by styling it with this tee and platform sneakers. These sneakers are the same the ones I posted here with the stars. I initially purchased tan ones like these but with the stars. I never wore them so I returned them when I got back from Chicago after purchasing these and the white ones with the stars for both pair for less than the one other pair. Steve Madden was having a great sale! Well, thanks for stopping by! God Bless!

Tee: Arizona (JCP)

Skirt: Buffalo by David Bitton (JCP) (I probably got that name wrong but you can find that brand at JCP)

Platform Sneakers: Steve Madden (Chicago)

Mint Condition

21 Apr

Another skirt and sneaker ensemble.  WARNING: you will be seeing alot more of this combo as the weather gets warmer. Now that we have that out of way, this bright minty color helps me usher in Spring even though the weather hasn’t been cooperating that much. I love the color combos in the skirt, how the dark navy makes the mint green pop even more. The sneakers are classic running sneakers that I picked up about a year ago and just happened to go with the color of the skirt. What do you think? Are you feeling the skirt and sneakers thing? God Bless!

Sweater: Forman Mills

Skirt: New York and Co.

Sneakers: Brooks

Bicycle, Bicycle

6 Dec


I’m loving this hunter green mid skirt. It’s a faux leather and can be worn higher up on the waist, like I’m doing or you can slouch it lower to sit on the hips. I styled it to in a more school girl/70’s style way with this classic button down shirt. The bike print makes it a bit more quirky, which I love. And these platform ankle boots makes the look more modern. Plus, I like the contrast of the honey-colored booties with the green. Hope you had a great weekend! God Bless!

Denim Blazer: GAP (very old)

Shirt: Liz Claiborne (brand new but old)

Skirt: WAYF (Where Are You From?) (Nordstrom Rack)

Booties: Juicy Couture (very old)

Ears and A Midi

6 Jul

IMG_8092 IMG_8063 IMG_8086 IMG_8054 IMG_8088

Sunday: Last start from the top. The ears is a headband that I picked up about a year ago. I thought it was a fun, quirky accessory (a few designers had showed similar ones). I haven’t worn them out before so I thought I would just wear them for outfit post. Sporting one of my favorite midi skirts that I found while shopping with my sis after our beach day. I also purchased it in navy. Dressing down the look with a tee is always one of my favs. And I can’t forget the hand accessory. I wouldn’t really call it a glove because it doesn’t cover the fingers, but I knew I had to have it! You know if it’s different, it’s for me! Well, thanks for taking some time out of your busy Summer schedule to keep up with my posts. Hope you had a great 4th of July! God Bless!

Headband and Hand Accessory: Claire’s

Tee: Forman Mills (Mens’ Department)

Skirt: Premise (Marshall’s)

Shoes: BCF? (old)

Muscle Tees and Polka Dots

22 Jun

IMG_7887 IMG_7897 IMG_7898 IMG_7895 IMG_7891

Saturday: An easy, cool Summer look. Two lightweight pieces to ward off the rising mercury. Just an ordinary muscle tee that I paired with this polka dot midi skirt. I found the skirt during a recent thrifting trip. Skirts are my top find when I go thrifting. I love a vintage skirt and they seem to be in abundance more than anything thing else at the thrift store. Most of them have a bigger size than what I usually where but “back in the day”, sizing wasn’t an issue so they weren’t afraid to label with a bigger size. I say all this to say, don’t always go by the size on the label. Look at the garment and if it looks like you can fit it, by all means try it on. This works for me the majority of the time. I can usually fit it. And plus, I don’t usually wear pieces that fit me snugly. I like to have some room and prefer a more loose fit of my garments, most of the time. Until next time, God Bless!

Tee: Old Navy (old)

Skirt: Thrifted

Sandals: ?? (BCF)-can’t remember brand right now

Belle of the Ball…Skirt

26 May



Mother’s Day: It was Mother’s Day, so why not dress up a little! As I’ve said before, I love a midi skirt! And this one I consider to be a ball skirt because it is a little more fancy than the norm. Meaning the fabric and structure makes it so it could be “dressed down” for everyday wear or “dressed up” to be worn on a more formal occasion. I’ve had it since the Winter and thought this to be the perfect opportunity to wear it. I just didn’t want to wear it with tights! ugh! The white tee keeps it casual enough but the mules keeps the look feminine and girlie enough. Sorry, for my absence, I have been very busy lately. I got a couple more outfit posts to make up for my absence. Gotta go for now! Thanks for your continued support! God Bless!

Tee: GAP (old)

Skirt: Sheinside

Mule Shoes: Jessica Simpson (DSW)

Sheer Madness

14 Dec

IMG_5189 IMG_5199 IMG_5200 IMG_5205 IMG_5198 IMG_5203 IMG_5201 IMG_5233 IMG_5214 IMG_5227 IMG_5218

Sunday: My midi skirt obsession continues! I was drawn to this one because of its uniqueness. It kinda gives off a lace look but instead is patterned sheer. Since it is rather feminine, I wanted to toughen it up and make it more casual by layering a polka dot button down under this oversized men’s sweater. And these zip front blocked heel booties add a little toughness too. Maybe the next time I wear the skirt I’ll pretty it up with a blouse and some pointy toe heels or an open toe sandal (in the warmer months, of course!). Hope you had a great weekend! Thanks for stopping by! God Bless!

Sweater: St. John’s Bay (Mens’ Department JCP)

Button Down Shirt: Liz Claiborne (very old)

Skirt: BCF

Booties: Celine (Century 21)

Quirky Librarian

30 Nov

IMG_5045 IMG_5074 IMG_5068 IMG_5079 IMG_5065 IMG_5057 IMG_5070 IMG_5075

Sunday: Still trying to take advantage of every “warm” day that we get by wearing exposed legs. Not too much exposure though. I “found” this vintage plaid skirt, amongst some other pieces, that I had thrifted over a few years ago. I guess I forgot about them in a bag that I was supposed to take to have dry cleaned. I was excited when I came across those things cause I forgot about them and it was like that feeling you get when you thrift something good, all over again! The best piece of them all is a camel colored cape that thrifted. I have been talking about wanting to buy a cape but just hadn’t yet. I’m so glad I didn’t because I already had one! It’ll appear on the blog soon. Anyway back to the outfit. If you’ve been following my blog you already know that I am a heels and socks type of girl. So instead of a slouchy/scrunchy sock that I normally wear, I’m doing the knee sock thing. I know this look is alarming to some. I actually caught two people giving each other “the eye” when I approached. You know the look you give your friend that speaks volumes to each other about someone, without even speaking a word. Yeah, that look! It doesn’t bother me though. I’m comfortable in my own skin and also my own personal style that I really don’t care what others think about what I wear. Not being smart or arrogant, that’s just how I feel. I am a humble person and do appreciate the compliments and when people like what I wear but I like it and that’s what’s important. That’s how everyone should feel about their personal style and fashion sense. If you like and are comfortable, I love it! Confidence is a great asset! Ok, I digress. Javar had a hard time describing my look today. He had something in mind but just couldn’t verbalize it. But I call it quirky-librarian. A classic, plaid midi skirt (probably worn by everyone’s elementary school librarian in the 70s). The knee socks I remember my mom dressing us in. My shoes are a take from the classic loafers but in a platform heeled version. And of course my quirky glasses that I love so much. I think they add a bit of quirkiness to every outfit. Well, that’s all for now. Hope you had a great Thanksgiving and got some amazing deals if you did some Black Friday shopping. Don’t forget Cyber Monday and Charity Tuesday (special day dedicated to donating to the charities of your choice for the end of the year push in fund raising). God Bless!

Top: GAP (very ol)

Skirt: Vintage

Shoes: Michael Kors (very old)


18 Aug

IMG_8908 IMG_8945 IMG_8928 IMG_8940 IMG_8920 IMG_8943

Sunday: So I’m in flats once again. One of my fellow heel-loving sisters at church asked me “what was I doing down there”. To which I rebutted that I regretfully have to wear flats for a while due to my surgery I had a week ago. Yeah, I’m still a little sore and although I did try on some heels to see how they felt, they are just not going to work for me right now! And I don’t have any idea when I will feel comfortable enough to get back into them. So it will be flats for now. Even closed toe flats aren’t very comfortable. Thank God that I had it done during the Summer when I am able to wear open toe shoes cause that would not have been a good look in the Winter. So it is definitely a challenge getting dressed knowing that I have to wear flats. The majority of the outfits that I put together go better with heels. But now I have to be more creative to include flats and still feel polished and put-together while doing it. No matter what I wear, wearing flat shoes with it just always makes me feel more dressed down. I’m uninspired when I have to wear flats. I guess it’s just because I don’t have many options. Not that I don’t have enough flats to choose from but just that even though I own several different styles of flat sandals, they are all the same (or shall I say they all give the same look to an outfit). Just saying! Anyways, this skirt is another cast off from the Duro Olowu x JC Penny collection. I love the length and the bright colors. I dressed it down with the t-shirt. I like how the colors in the tee pick up the colors from the skirt. When I did my hair like this today, I realized that I was rocking the look of Ola Ray from the Michael Jackson “Thriller” video. I know y’all remember her. I loved the style of her Jheri curl. Yeah, I had a Jheri curl! And what? I was always one to follow the trends and the curl was one of them! Check out this video tribute to Michael that Ola did. She looks great at 52 yrs old but I don’t know how her mental is!! What do you think? God Bless!



Blazer: MNG (JCP)

Graphic Tee: BCF (men’s department)

Skirt: Duro Olowu x JCP

Sandals: Pour La Victoire (DSW)


5 May

IMG_6766 IMG_6786 IMG_6797 IMG_6760 IMG_6791 IMG_6815 IMG_6785

Sunday: Still trying to get some wear out my “Winter” pieces. This skirt is something I thrifted about a year or so ago. I love a full skirted midi. It’s just so classic and gives me a vintage vibe that I like. I wore it with this knit that I’ve had for a few years. The skirt has a high waist that I wanted to show but my top options just didn’t give me the look I was going for so I had to cover it up. And of course, my favorite detail of the skirt is the pockets! I decided to keep the look a little more demure by wearing a lower height heel. I love a cap toe shoe. It just makes this simple mary jane heels a little more interesting. And they were super comfortable too (bonus!). Thanks for reading. I hope you had a great weekend! God Bless!

Sweater: GAP (very old)

Midi Skirt: Geiger (thrifted)

Shoes: Tahari (DSW)