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Patch Job

24 Jul


Shirt: Zara (old)

Jumpsuit: Marshall’s (last year)

Shoes: Mandee’s



Gucci Girl

17 Jul


Tee: Gucci (Hand-me-down from Hubby)

Gauchos/Culottes: Top Shop

Crops and Loafers

23 Oct

Sporting my new favs again! Wow, I think this may be the 1st time I’ve ever worn the same shoes in 2 back-to-back posts! I didn’t feel like wearing heels or styling this jumpsuit dressy so I opted for a flat shoe. The flat shoe makes the look more casual and relaxed plus it saves my that were a bit sore after wearing those YSL boots in this post (it was a long night on my feet, ugh!). I think my feet just need to get used to heels again after wearing flats all Summer. We will just have to see about that! Well, thanks for stopping by! God Bless!

Jumpsuit: Express

Loafers: Online

Cool Lottes

13 Sep


Another jumpsuit! Culottes always look so much more stylish when an you wrap the leg with ties from your shoes. I love how light and free flowing this look is. So cool and casual only made cooler with a wide brim hat! Until the next time, God Bless!

Jumpsuit: WayF

Sandals: Wild Diva Lounge

Plenty of Birds

27 Sep

IMG_9930 IMG_9924 IMG_9928 IMG_9923 IMG_9919 IMG_9925

Sunday: Love these high waist culottes! They’re a little bit too tight for my taste but they’ll work. I always try everything on, especially bottom pieces, because manufacturers/brands/designers all cut their clothes differently. Meaning, a size 6 in one brand is sometimes not that same size 6 in another brand. Even within the same brand you might wear two different sizes. Also, nowadays, designers/brands are using  vanity sizing. This is when the item of clothing is really one size (a size 10, for example) but they put a size 8 on the label. This is done to basically make the customer not feel as bad about their size and think that they really are a size smaller. Quite sneaky, right? So, needless to say, that’s one reason why I try everything on. The other reason is that just because I like how something looks on the hanger doesn’t necessarily mean that I will like how it looks on me. Ok, so the reason why these culottes don’t fit how I really would like them to is because I had already done a fitting room run and was checking out when I came across a few more pieces that I had to have. So because I didn’t have any time left to try them on, I just grabbed them and checked out. I digress! I styled them with this quirky printed button down and a simple pair of ankle strap sandals to show a little skin and not cut my legs off too much. Culottes are still very of the moment for the Fall/Winter so pull out the ones you already have or go by some new ones. They’re in all the stores! I hope you had a great 1st weekend of Fall! God Bless!

Shirt: BCF

Culottes: H&M

Shoes: Coach

Match Set

26 May

IMG_7473 IMG_7482 IMG_7466 IMG_7474 IMG_7477

I’ve always been a fan of culottes/gauchos and have worn them even when they weren’t “on trend”. But now that they are trending and vastly available in almost every store, I can’t help but to purchase a pair every time i see them. So when I saw these in the JCP circular a few months ago, I knew I was gonna get them. And the fact that they had a matching top was a bonus. Even though I usually like to mix it up when it comes to styling, sometimes I can’t resist a good matchy-matchy ensemble. I knew I wanted to style the outfit with a pop of color on my feet so these babies I picked up from Greene Street Consignment a few months back fit the bill. God Bless!

Top and Bottoms: Worthington (JCP)

Shoes: ??? (Greene Street Consignment)

Arm Cuff- Forever 21


22 Mar

IMG_6650 IMG_6671 IMG_6668 IMG_6619 IMG_6654

Sunday: Another pair of culottes (different styles worn here, here, here). These I picked about 1 yr ago. Trying to get a wear out of them before the warmer weather gets here. They are a lined tweed so they’re are quite warm but not too hot. Tweed/wool can be a bit difficult to wear because if it isn’t lined then it is really itchy. This outfit is minimalistic for me. No eye-catching details just your basic turtleneck which I chose to wear without any neck accessory. Instead I opted for my large circle framed glasses to add some quirkiness. The boots add a little pop. Not of color but the white contrasts nicely against the all black. These boots are really, really old. I don’t remember when or where I purchased them but apparently I have never worn them by the looks of the untouched soles/heels. I don’t know what year they were bought be they remind me of some styles that are worn by today’s current streetstyle stars. A sneaker/boot hybrid that is a bit odd/strange looking, but that’s what I like about them. You know me, if it’s strange-looking, quirky and/or weird, it’s for me! Hope you had a great 1st day of Spring weekend! Maybe it will soon feel like Spring and we can start to lighten up (literally) on the clothing and shoes! God Bless!

Culottes: BDG (Urban Outfitters)

Blazer: BDG (Urban Outfitters)-old

Boots: ???